April Circuit Jerk of the Month: Mellynium Falcon

April Circuit Jerk of the Month: Mellynium Falcon

Mellynium Falcon is one of SVRG’s biggest supporters AND a Circuit Jerk skater. You can see her practicing at Circuit Jerks, being a Non Skating Official (NSO), or volunteering at bouts and other events with the league. She has been exceptionally involved with making the league a success since she joined last year. Although on a ‘9 month injury’ Mellynium Falcon has continued to be just as active with the SVRG community, off skates of course. Can’t wait until you are skating again! Congratulations on Circuit Jerk of the month Mellynium Faclon!

Melly helping out at SVRG's Bike Party Scrimmage

Melly helping out at SVRG's Bike Party Scrimmage

What is your derby name and number? What is the story behind it?

Name:  Mellynium Falcon

Number: <12

Story:  Both the name and number were suggested to me by friends!  The name is an obvious play off of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and the Number is in reference to the fact that the Millennium Falcon did the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.  Additional bonus about <12, you have to be going 11.11 seconds per lap to be able to pass your 27 laps in 5 minutes minimum skill requirement so there's a bit of a derby geek tie in too.

How long have you been a part of Circuit Jerks? How did you decide to start derby in the first place?

I've been in CJs since September 2013.  My interest in joining roller derby dates back to 2009 but the timing always ended up unfavorable for the boot camp system that was the recruitment method during that time.  I ended up having my first child and found out later that SVRG changed to a recruitment league system all year round.  I wish I would have joined sooner but I didn't end up re-checking it out until my daughter was about 18 months old.  That helped teach be more prompt in pursuing my interests.

What other roles do you play in SVRG?

Besides volunteering for events (NSO-ing and wherever else I can help) as much as I can, I help with the CJ's attendance/admin.

What is your best derby moment so far?

Passing my minimum skills test and being able to finally scrimmage!!  That 27 in 5 is NO JOKE.

Have you experienced any challenges?

No one ever said Derby is easy.  I'd say one of the biggest challenges is turning off the 'little narrator' in your head that is talking down to you all the time.  I've learned there's so much more I CAN do than can't do.  I just need to stop listening to that little voice saying I can't, step up and DO IT.  Don't hold back.

Any advice for people looking to become involved in derby as a skater or official?

Don't wait/make excuses like I did!  If you're interested in joining as a skater or official please either approach one of the skaters (we don't bite hard!  Promise!) or emailrecruitment@svrollergirls.com.  Also, WATCH DERBY!  Come to open scrimmages and bouts!  There's also many videos available on YouTube, but nothing like being there at the rink when it's going down. (P.S. Last black and white scrimmage at San Jose Skate is Tuesday May 13th at 8:00pm. Come check it out!)

What does a new home for SVRG mean to you?

I CANNOT WAIT to get back on skates later this year after having my second daughter ('9 month injury'! Woohoo!).  SVRG is more than just roller derby, it's my second family.  Knowing that we will have a secure and safe place to practice and bout in the near future is so very important.  As derby gains in popularity and our league is expanding a dedicated home would help grow all of my derby family to their fullest potential!  They are all seriously going to kick my butt when I get back out there later this year.

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