August Circuit Jerk of the Month: The Notorious S.U.Z.

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Congratulations to The Notorious S.U.Z. for being SVRG's Circuit Jerk of the Month!
Here are some fun facts about The Notorious S.U.Z.:
1. What is your derby name and number and how did you decide on it?
I'm The Notorious S.U.Z., number 253.  253 is the area code of my childhood, and my derby name pays homage to one of the best rappers of all time, The Notorious B.I.G.  Who doesn't have a deep affinity for 90s gangsta rap?

2. How long have you been with SVRG? How did you decide to play/find derby?

My first practice was in January 2014.  I've always wanted to play derby, but was too scared - how silly of me!  I've been hooked since day 1.

3. Any previous skating experience before joining derby?

The last time I remember going to a roller rink was 6th grade.  I really just went for the nachos.

4. Favorite position to play?

Jammer!  It's my jam.

5. How do you spend your time when not on the track?

I spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to get my cats to cuddle with me.

6. What positive aspect has derby brought into your life?

I've gained back some of the fearlessness that fades away as you transition from childhood to adulthood.  And derby is very humbling, because almost no one is good at it in the beginning - you have to really work for it!

7. Goals for 2014?

I want to be able to block with the best of them!

8. Worst Habit?

Biting my cuticles - I'm disgusting.

9. If you could bout against any team who would it be?


10. Favorite bout moments? Best moment so far?

The times where you really surprise yourself.  When you finally nail something you've been practicing for a long time, or when someone hits you hard and you manage to stay in bounds - those are the best moments.

11. Advice for people who want to join?

Stop thinking about it and just do it!

12. Best bruise/worst injury?

*knock on wood* nothing to write home about!

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