August Volunteer/Official of the Month: Weavin' Kohl Bear

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Congratulations to Weavin' Kohl Bear for being SVRG's Volunteer/Official of the Month!

Here are some fun facts about Weavin' Kohl Bear:

What is your derby-official name and number and how did you decide on it?
I chose the name Weavin' Kohl Bear, #1 Threat, because I come from a family of Stephen Colbert fans.  Any Colbert or Kohl Bear fan will tell you that Bears are the #1 threat to America.
How long have you been with SVRG? How did you decide to find derby?
I joined SVRG with zero skating experience in October of 2007.  A friend and I had recently seen a derby bout for the first time, and I didn't know the rules or understand anything really, but I was on the edge of my seat the entire night.  It was a Bay Area Derby Girls bout, and SVRG was featured during halftime.  That night, I told my fiancee (now my hubby) that I wanted roller skates for my birthday, so he bought me some amazingly cheesy purple glitter skates at Big 5.  After a few days of stumbling around on skates in my apartment's parking lot, I randomly ran into SVRG skaters at the mall, where they were working an event--they gave me a flier and told me to just show up at the next practice.  The rest is history.
What positive aspect has derby brought into your life?
Well, I give derby partial credit for my happy marriage because my derby wife, the lovely Se7en Year Bitch, actually officiated our wedding ceremony.  Also because for the last seven years, derby has gotten me out of the house for many practice nights, bout days, and weekend trips, so my hubby has some scheduled time to himself to indulge in uninterrupted video games.
Goals for 2014?
No more injuries so I can be on skates as much as possible!
Favorite bout moments? Best moment so far?
My most memorable bout moment was in 2009 at the Killa Bytes vs. Valley Fever bout in Fresno: I was an outside pack ref and Spankin' Firecracker was jamming, and she was blocked to the outside by VFRD skater Jessica Rabid.  We ended up in a pile practically in the crowd, and when I lifted myself halfway up I realized Spanky was calling off the jam from underneath me, but her jam ref couldn't see her so I had to call it off.  I still have a perfect line of broken veins down the side of my leg from Rabid's cowboy boot skates rolling over me.
One of my favorite moments from practice was just a few weeks after joining SVRG: a big earthquake hit during practice, and because it was a "rolling" feeling, at first I thought I was just unsteady on my wheels!  When we all realized it was an earthquake, and ceiling tiles were starting to come down, we all skated into the rink lobby for safety and ended up taking some great group photos since it happened to be our Halloween costume practice.
Advice for people who want to join?
You can do it!  Get in where you fit in, whether you want to volunteer as an official, skate recreationally with the CJs, or skate competitively.
Best bruise/worst injury?
My worst derby injury was definitely the first time I tore my meniscus, but there are many close seconds.  I'm not sure which would be my best bruise, but the funniest was a post-bout smack in Reno that left a handprint shape for a week.  It was right after I reffed my first bout.  My most recent derby-related bruise was also post-bout, falling out of Kangaroo Kik's car while trying to get into it.  Okay so maybe derby's not to blame for all of my injuries...  ;)

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