Richmond Trounces Dots and Mendo Brings Mayhem

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Did you miss our May 19th double header at San Jose Skate? Here’s a recap.

©2012 beakertehmuppet, SVRG’s Pia Mess gets between B.A.D.’s Demanda Riot and Chiquita Bonanza

©2012 beakertehmuppet, SVRG’s Pia Mess gets between B.A.D.G’s Demanda Riot and Chiquita Bonanza

Dot.Kamikazes Lose to B.A.D. Girls’ Richmond Wrecking Belles 238-89

In the first few jams, SVRG countered the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls’ scrum starts with a hit-it-and-quit-it lead jammer strategy, effectively keeping the Wrecking Belles from scoring. But in the 4th jam, the Belles’ lead jammer Chiquita Bonanza scored 11 points to pull ahead. The Wrecking Belles kept crowding the jammer line on a knee to immediately start the jam, and the Dots kept calling it off before Richmond could score any time we had lead jammer status.

The Wrecking Belles’ defensive blockers were a force to be reckoned with, and on several occasions our jammers had trouble getting out of the pack on their initial pass. However, SVRG’s jammers Bad Tempt-Her and Pia Mess did pull out some jammer-on-jammer action. Even the fearsome Demanda Riot was toppled by SVRG’s Bionic BabyDoll as well as by Absolutely Scabulous, but Richmond’s plays were simply better overall. Numerous penalties resulted in high-scoring power jams, like the one in which Skater 26, Chantilly Mace, scored a whopping 34 points. The Wrecking Belles ran away with it and by the end of the first half had a 98-point lead.

The Dots maintained their reputation as a strong second-half team, and kept up the fight. Highlights included a star pass from Smack Dahlia to her pivot Bionic BabyDoll and a 9-point jam with Zootown Throwdown as lead jammer combined with a tight SVRG defense, which allowed the Dots to put some points on the board. Nevertheless, the deficit was too great to make a comeback, especially after Kitt Turbo passed the star to Demanda Riot racking up a total of 25 points in a single jam to pass the 2nd century mark. Proving that we won’t roll over easily, Bad Tempt-Her scored 24 points in the last power jam. The Wrecking Belles won the game 233-89.

©2012 beakertehmuppet, Avida Sane gets a unicorn in the final jam.

©2012 beakertehmuppet, Avida Sane almost gets a unicorn in the final jam.

KillaBytes Defeated by Mendo Mayhem 268-128

Our derby sisters from Mendocino County traveled to San Jose to play the Killas. It was good to see SVRG’s Mad 4 Gravy and Bitch Puddin’ back on the track for the first time this season since recovering from injuries.

Mendo took the lead early on in the 3rd jam, when a major cut by Bullet Sucker left their jammer, ariel-LA-twister, to jam unopposed and grab 24 points. Still on a power jam in the 4th, Mendo took a knee on the jammer line for an immediate start. Nonetheless, Mendo’s jammer Pain Galuara had trouble getting around a fierce wall made by Booty Vicious, Culo Whippin’, and Jem Jones on her initial pass. It was a different story for Pain Galuara in the 10th jam when she made 7 laps around the track for 28 points with only 2 SVRG blockers on the track. The score was 171-41 in Mendo’s favor at the half.

Overall, Mendo was delivering some hard hits. There were penalties aplenty: JC’s Cassius Clay spent the most time in the box for Mendo and all but 2 Killas served time in the sin bin. SVRG’s jammers Mongoose and Avida Sane scored the most points for the Killas, while ariel-LA-twister, Pain Galaura, and Chica Boom piled up the points for Mendocino County.

It was déjà vu all over again when Avida Sane fought to the finish, scoring 24 points in the final jam. Mendo upset the Killas in a decisive defeat 268-128.

In both bouts SVRG made a solid effort, but our opponents nabbed lead jammer status more often. We’d like to thank the Wrecking Belles and Mendo Mayhem for giving us a level of play to strive for. This summer slump isn’t going to last long with our renewed training efforts!

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