Summer Lovin'

“S-V-R-G! WE! ARE! FAMILY!”  That call-and-response cheer is joyously shouted by the Silicon Valley Roller Girls after each practice and before each bout, but it wasn’t until I found myself skating in the San Jose Rose, White, and Blue parade on Independence Day, wearing a bright green tutu and chanting alongside my new friends and teammates that I realized how quickly this group of people have come to feel like family.

     It’s been said that Roller Derby is something that you find during life transitions and that statement definitely rings true for me.  It was August of last year that my husband and I decided to sell the majority of our belongings and head out west.  I’d been presented with a job opportunity that would finally bring me to the Bay Area, the place I’ve dreamt of living ... Read More »

SVRG Remains Open!

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The closing of San Jose Skate draws nearer and many of our fans are wondering what the future holds for SVRG. We haven't yet secured a private warehouse but we're thrilled to share that the Silicon Valley Roller Girls will be able to continue normal practices beyond May 31 for our three adult teams, our junior derby teams and our recreational team. We're scheduled to resume practice in June at SilverCreek Sports Plex ( and Roosevelt Park (

All of us at SVRG appreciate the strong support of our wonderful friends and fans during our transition. While we temporarily take up residence at these local skating rinks, we're still on the search for a permanent home. Help us afford a new space by donating here:

Our home doubleheader on May 31 remains scheduled at San Jose Skate, which ... Read More »

Silicon Valley Roller Girls at San Jose Bike Party

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On Friday April 18th, 2014 SVRG and San Jose Bike Party teamed up to have a roller derby scrimmage at the first regrouping spot of the night. Check out this awesome video!

We hope to team up with Bike Party again in the future! See you all at our next event!


P.S. Our next home game is Saturday May 31st at 6pm!

SVRG Home Opener 2014

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Twas the week before bout day, and all through the rink,

Everyone was preparing for the enemies to be beat.

The banners were hung, home opener twenty-fourteen,

Uniforms made ready in black, white, and green.

Dot.Kamikazes scheming all through the night,

KillaBytes planning everything just right.

Sweet dreams of victory playing in their heads,

SVRG is ready to take down the Undead.

Come see the conquest, you’ll wish you were there,

This Saturday at 6, be there or be square!

This Saturday, February 22, 2014, come watch SVRG’s Dot.Kamikazes and KillaBytes battle against the Undead Betties and The Damned! The bouts are sure to be action packed with smashing hits and clever schemes.

SVRGs teams have a very ... Read More »

Have you joined the SVRG forum yet?

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Yes, the SVRG Web Committee has worked long and hard (special thanks to Dorothy Vader and Jonny Demonic) to expand our website to include an interactive forum. You can talk about the Silicon Valley Roller Girls, chat roller derby in general, ask a skater a question, get advice on gear or training, or coordinate bout plans with other fans. Click here to join and start becoming an active member of our online community!

Save our rink! SVRG and San Jose Skate need your help

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The Silicon Valley Roller Girls are asking their fans and supporters to speak up to prevent the demolition of our home, San Jose Skate.

We have had a partnership with San Jose Skate since January 2007. Not only do we host our home bouts there, but we rely on this space to conduct our practices four nights a week. Now, we are at risk of losing our home.

While we support the mission of Charities Housing, we feel there are other opportunities to develop that would not involve tearing down this cherished San Jose institution. In addition to supporting our league, San Jose Skate has provided safe and fun entertainment for the community for 30 years. Please consider attending the community meeting to show your support for San Jose Skate and the Silicon Valley Roller Girls.



Here is a statement from Mike and ... Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Silicon Valley Roller Girls are thankful for our families, friends, sponsors, fans, and supporters. We are thankful for our hardworking zebra crew. We are thankful for our sister teams and competitors. We are thankful for having such an amazing season. We are thankful for the sport of roller derby.

And we are thankful for having each other. Everyone should be so lucky as to have such a close and supportive group of friends/teammates.

Happy turkey!

THANK YOU! SVRG Skate-o-thon raises over $9,000!

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Friends, family, volunteers: what can we say. We are so thankful for your generosity. We were amazed by your outpouring of support. Thanks to you, we raised over $9,000 and will be able to maintain our schedule for the 2010 season. Here are some pictures and details from the Skate-o-thon in case you didn't make it out to see us.

Top 5 fundraisers:
1. Bitch Puddin: an astounding $1,110!!!
2. Death by Dollface: $595
3. Retox Fox:  $571.20
4. Rot Wheels: $560
5. Pia Mess: $494.07

Honorable mentions at 6 & 7: Smack Dahlia $440 &  new recruit Jayanti $439.99
Most Pledges:
Bitch Puddin' and Retox Fox: 18 each- tie
Death by Dollface: 15
Rot Wheels and Jayanti: 12 each- tie

Most Laps:

CynTax: 315 (that's nearly 24 miles in 2 hours, folks!)

Death by Dollface: 276

LTO: 273

Rot Wheels: 268

Retox Fox: 262

And most importantly, Best Costume went to Weavin' Kohl Bear, who came as ... Read More »

Support the Silicon Valley Roller Girls' Skate-o-Thon!

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Your Silicon Valley Roller Girls love, love, love derby. What you may not know is the extent to which we devote our time and money to our sport. We're a totally self-run nonprofit organization, which means that each skater on the team supports herself. It ain't cheap to get geared up (for example, a new pair of skates will set you back $100-$600, a set of wheels can run $40-$90, a complete set of pads $60-$90...not to mention helmets, mouthguards, socks, stockings, practice jerseys, uniforms, etc.), and we use team funds and our own money to cover the expenses of traveling for away games. Plus, you'll be hard-pressed to find a girl who hasn't sunk a couple hundred bucks on medical bills during her career. Here is a recent article documenting the financial crisis for girls playing our DIY sport.

That's ... Read More »

Check it out: A Pia Mess fan page!

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Are you on Facebook? (Yeah, me neither.) If so, we hope you've friended the Silicon Valley Roller Girls. And while you're there, you have to check out this fan page for Pia Mess, formerly of Rat City and now wowing fans in the Valley for SVRG. As the site creator said, show the legend some love and become a friend/fan!