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Hall of Pain

Welcome to the HALL OF PAIN

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I'm sure other skaters have had the experience: you tell an acquaintance that you play roller derby, and the look in their eyes means you might as well have told them that you're really into S & M, or that you worship the devil: it's a blend of bewilderment, suspicion, curiosity, and a little bit of fear: who is this person? She seemed like such a nice, normal girl...Now they will think of you as the chick who gets off on repeatedly slamming her body into other girls with the goal of destruction.  On the plus side, they probably won't take any more office supplies off your desk.

Some people still question the verity of roller derby. As a lifelong athlete I feel no need to make an argument that roller derby is a sport: if it wasn't, I wouldn't be ... Read More »

Picture of the Week

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Our own Bitch Puddin' got a little bad-touching from the wall at practice last week, so she's been slung up. She helped sell merch at the Fresno bout and found herself in the company of a fellow DLed skater from Valley Fever. Get well soon, Bitch Puddin'!