Summer Lovin'

“S-V-R-G! WE! ARE! FAMILY!”  That call-and-response cheer is joyously shouted by the Silicon Valley Roller Girls after each practice and before each bout, but it wasn’t until I found myself skating in the San Jose Rose, White, and Blue parade on Independence Day, wearing a bright green tutu and chanting alongside my new friends and teammates that I realized how quickly this group of people have come to feel like family.

     It’s been said that Roller Derby is something that you find during life transitions and that statement definitely rings true for me.  It was August of last year that my husband and I decided to sell the majority of our belongings and head out west.  I’d been presented with a job opportunity that would finally bring me to the Bay Area, the place I’ve dreamt of living ... Read More »

IMHO: Confessions of a Derby Wannabe

Posted on January 28th, by demonic in IMHO, Roller Derby. 7 comments

This post comes from SVRG's Absolutely Scabulous, who passed bootcamp at the end of last season and has become a full time derby girl. Currently she is serving as Head of Bout Production and doing a fabulous job...come see the product of all her hard work (on skates and off) at our first home bout on March 6!

by Absolutely Scabulous

It's been 8 months, folks. 8 months, 3 two-hour practices a week, and all the additional heart and soul I have been putting into the sport of roller derby. If you would have asked me last April where I would have seen myself in 8 months, I think my arrogance would have gotten the best of me. I was convinced that I could possibly be the missing link in roller derby, the undiscovered gem, that finally, I may have found ... Read More »

IMHO: Fox's lessons from the 2009 roller derby season

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New year, new feature. Well, sort of. IMHO, shorthand for "in my humble opinion," will be a recurring blog feature where any roller derby skater, ref, fan, or other interested party can write an opinion piece. Of course, being your blogstress, I confess that most of these opinions will probably come from me. But, if you've got something to say, email me and we'll see if it's a good fit for the blog. Enjoy!


I have mixed feelings about New Year's resolutions. First of all, I see no need to wait until a number flips to make positive changes in one's life. Second, resolutions are mostly acknowledgments of failure--hmmm, what did I do wrong and/or suck at this last year?--and given that most resolutions themselves fail, well...that's too much of a concentration on the negative for me. However, if this is ... Read More »

Laaaame! Austin Skater Crackerjack Sued over Derby Name

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Derby girls, here's another reason for not eating Frito-Lay products (aside from the empty calories). It seems that the corporation is suing derby girl Colleen Bell, aka Crackerjack, for copyright infringement, because her name is too close to that of the caramel popcorn and peanut treat Cracker Jacks. Yes, they are actually suggesting that a roller derby skater might be confused with or tarnish the name of a frickin' snack.

Ridiculous! What, did they sue to get royalties every time the crowd sings "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at a baseball game?

What a bunch of Cracker Jackasses.