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The Silicon Valley Roller Girls make for awesome guides

Posted on July 15th, by demonic in Off the Rink. 2 comments

I didn't want to use the term "escort" in the title and give anyone the wrong impression. This weekend a crew of our Hard Drivers helped guide chefs who were participating in the NACUFS National Conference through the downtown area. Raci Nikkers, Latin Crippler, Krashonista, Kat von Meow, Avida Sane, and Stevie Nickers helped the league raise some much needed funds, and apparently had some fun while doing it. Thank you, ladies!

SVRG enjoys a night out with the San Jose Wolves

Posted on May 25th, by demonic in Off the Rink, Silicon Valley Roller Girls. Comments Off

Thanks to our new friend Ray, some of SVRG's skaters and affiliates enjoyed a night out watching our local arena football team, the San Jose Wolves, this past Saturday. Those in attendance said it was a fun and interesting night, and we are very grateful to Ray for the opportunity to take in a game. Hey San Jose, there are more sports than just the Sharks to keep you entertained!

SVRG rollin' around the South Bay

Posted on May 16th, by demonic in Off the Rink, Silicon Valley Roller Girls. Comments Off

The Silicon Valley Roller Girls were out and about this weekend. On Saturday morning, several skaters and their assortment of dogs made an appearance in the Los Altos Pet Parade. Lizapalooza and Absolutely Scabulous brought their respective Chloes; Steffin' Razor, Vegas Vixen, and Smack Dahlia had their bulldogs (Betty, Miller, and Knuckles, respectively); Belle brought beautiful white wolflike Gir; Saucy Monstrosity brought her pint-sized chihuahua, Mugsy; and Retox Fox, being petless among the bunch, toted the banner. Thanks to the Los Altos Town Crier for mentioning us in their writeup.

Later on in the day, Ab Scab and Fox joined up with Bitch Puddin', Zootown Throwdown, Bozo Disposo, and Cosmo Trouble (the former MisTits) to perform some demos and chat with the crowd at Via Velo, a festival in downtown San Jose celebrating biking and alternative forms of transportation. It's always ... Read More »

Cleaning out your closet? Sacred Heart needs your help!

Posted on January 10th, by demonic in Community Service, Off the Rink. Comments Off

Here is a message from our new Head of Community Service, Satan’s Kitten. Sacred Heart Community Service is one of the Silicon Valley Roller Girls’ community partners. We donated the proceeds from our last bout to them, and recently several of our girls worked as helpers and elves during their holiday toy drive and distribution. From Kitten:

I visited with Sacred Heart on Friday and they could really use some donations. Although there is a flood of giving around the holidays, things tend to slow down at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, need knows no season, and assistance is of particular importance during the winter months.  The center is in particular need of clothing and toiletries. C’mon, you know you resolved to clean out your closets and cabinets this year, and this is the perfect opportunity to see those items ... Read More »

SVRG loves a parade!

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Some of our dedicated skaters made an appearance at the Willow Glen Founder's Day Parade in San Jose this past Saturday before our bout against OC. Thanks to Steffen Razor for the on-site reporting!

SVRG @ Willow Glen Founder's Day Parade

Writeup by Steffen Razor

This was the first parade to skate in for many of us, so we were very excited and ready to do some skating! Our roster for the parade consisted of Texas ChanaSaw Massacre, Private Choker, Belle Wringer, Steffen Razor and our ground crew/promotional coordinator Kimfectious. The Dot.Kamikazes had a bout the same evening, plus we have been promoting for the movie Whip It, so this was a prime opportunity for us to do some flyering.

Although there were 40+ entries in the parade and there was a large turnout of participants, we were charmed to see that ... Read More »

What you missed at SVRG's Jello wrestling event at Jack's on Saturday

Posted on August 20th, by demonic in Off the Rink, SVRG Events. Comments Off

Here's a little pictorial recap of SVRG's Jell-O wrestling event at Jack's. Congratulations to MisTits, our Jell-O wrestling champion!

Thanks to all of our fans and supporters who came out to see us at Jack's. Thanks to the staff at Jack's for their assistance, and thanks to our photographer, Jim Cottingham. You all rock!

Come support SVRG at Jack's this Saturday!

Posted on June 2nd, by demonic in Off the Rink, SVRG Events. Comments Off

The ladies of SVRG will be out to socialize and spank this Saturday, June 6, at Jack's. It's so easy to support us--just come out and drink! We'll be raffling off some tickets to our June 13th bout. In honor of our Dot.Kamikazes, there will be kamikaze drink specials. Stop by and have a drink with us!

SVRG back to work at Habitat for Humanity

Posted on May 12th, by demonic in Community Service, Off the Rink. 2 comments

Yet again the ladies of SVRG were out to spend a work day with Habitat for Humanity this past Saturday. This time, they helped construct playhouses donated by Cisco that will be auctioned off to help fund more Habitat projects. Soon enough you'll be able to hire us for all your construction needs!

SVRG pays a visit to PsYcHo DoNuTs!

Posted on April 27th, by demonic in Off the Rink, SVRG Events. Comments Off

Some of our ladies showed up to have a little fun at Psycho Donuts this weekend. Rumor has it that their magical kitchen is cooking up some SVRG-themed doughnuts!

In the meantime, you should stop by and order a dozen for a little pre-bout conditioning--Psycho Donuts will be hosting a doughnut-eating contest during halftime at our bout this Saturday! Lucky for all of you that yours truly is out of contention--back in the day I was known for downing a dozen Krispy Kremes before athletic competitions. That means the field is wide open, so start practicing now!

Support Death by Dollface's Walk for Autism!

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SVRG's charity for our May bout is Autism Speaks, and several of our team members will be walking on May 30.

As a team, we are trying to raise $1,500, and we need your help in meeting that goal! You can visit our team site to donate, or follow the link to donate on Death by Dollface's personal page. Here is what she has to say about her Walk for Autism:

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." --Acts 20:35

This verse is probably the most familiar Bible lesson known to Christians and non-Christians alike. The balance between giving and receiving has steered my passion for philanthropy.

As a professional fundraiser for a private nonprofit university, I have found a career that I am passionate about, involving a philanthropic nature that is tied to our ... Read More »