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“S-V-R-G! WE! ARE! FAMILY!”  That call-and-response cheer is joyously shouted by the Silicon Valley Roller Girls after each practice and before each bout, but it wasn’t until I found myself skating in the San Jose Rose, White, and Blue parade on Independence Day, wearing a bright green tutu and chanting alongside my new friends and teammates that I realized how quickly this group of people have come to feel like family.

     It’s been said that Roller Derby is something that you find during life transitions and that statement definitely rings true for me.  It was August of last year that my husband and I decided to sell the majority of our belongings and head out west.  I’d been presented with a job opportunity that would finally bring me to the Bay Area, the place I’ve dreamt of living ... Read More »

Dads in Derby, part 2

Welcome back blogfans!

In celebration of Father's Day, we're hearing from Dads in SVRG! Our second story of a dad in derby comes from Toad, a new circuit jerk recruit, and the newest member of his family to join SVRG.


I remember standing on the beach looking out over the ocean where my brother had drowned a few years before, his daughter (my niece) standing next to me. My family and hers were there on that anniversary, my kids playing in the surf and the others milling about. “Did I tell you I want to play roller derby,” she said abruptly. Visions of a banked track, scantily clad demon women and fist fights came to mind. “Really?” I answered. Not that it came as much of a surprise, the Dilley family has been known to get involved in relatively odd pursuits from ... Read More »

Dads in Derby, part 1

Hello Blogfans!!

Happy Father's Day! For this week's blogpost, a few dads in derby will share their stories of getting involved with roller derby. SVRG has many opportunities for anyone to join, a co-ed recreational league, many opportunities to ref, NSO, volunteer, or coach. We welcome those of any gender to be a part of our league, if you are interested, email This first story comes from one of our volunteer photographers, and circuit jerk skater, Arne.


I first read about Derby in an inflight magazine (yes, I was desperate) and thought “that must be interesting to watch”. At that time we lived in the Detroit Metro area, so Yvonne and I went to a bout and had a look. Besides the derby action, what totally won us over was that those gritty derby girls broke out hula hoops during half ... Read More »

We're BAAAAACK - SVRG Updates

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The Silicon Valley Roller Girls' campaign on FundRazr for a new home has officially closed. We would like to thank all of our donors for being so generous! The funds raised have enabled us to purchase our own SportCourt flooring. Our own flooring means that there are now more locations that we could potentially skate in because we now have a floor that we can put down that is safe to skate on. If you missed the opportunity to make a donation through our FundRazr campaign, you can still donate to SVRG through paypal at We are still saving to ensure we have sufficient funds to pay for deposits, permits, and repairs. We have not yet found our permanent new home, but we have reviewed over 40 potential spaces in the last few months. If you know of a building ... Read More »

May Circuit Jerk of the Month: Nora Drenalynn

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New to derby and the Circuit Jerks, Nora Drenalynn has been impressing coaches and is May’s Circuit Jerk of the Month. Nora just passed her minimum skills and enjoyed her first scrimmage this past week. Her hard work is surely paying off! Congratulations on May Circuit Jerk of the Month AND passing your minimum skills Nora!

1. What is your derby name and number? How did you decide on them?

Nora Drenalynn, #1. The number came first, and it's brought forward from my many years of goalkeeping. My name was a spinoff of something a friend suggested; I loved the direction of his idea, but wasn't 100% sold. After some brainstorming, I settled on a respelling of "noradenaline" (also known as norepinephrine.)

2. How long have you been playing roller derby? How did you even discover derby anyways?

Since the beginning of January, so ... Read More »

SVRG Remains Open!

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The closing of San Jose Skate draws nearer and many of our fans are wondering what the future holds for SVRG. We haven't yet secured a private warehouse but we're thrilled to share that the Silicon Valley Roller Girls will be able to continue normal practices beyond May 31 for our three adult teams, our junior derby teams and our recreational team. We're scheduled to resume practice in June at SilverCreek Sports Plex ( and Roosevelt Park (

All of us at SVRG appreciate the strong support of our wonderful friends and fans during our transition. While we temporarily take up residence at these local skating rinks, we're still on the search for a permanent home. Help us afford a new space by donating here:

Our home doubleheader on May 31 remains scheduled at San Jose Skate, which ... Read More »

April Circuit Jerk of the Month: Mellynium Falcon

Mellynium Falcon is one of SVRG’s biggest supporters AND a Circuit Jerk skater. You can see her practicing at Circuit Jerks, being a Non Skating Official (NSO), or volunteering at bouts and other events with the league. She has been exceptionally involved with making the league a success since she joined last year. Although on a ‘9 month injury’ Mellynium Falcon has continued to be just as active with the SVRG community, off skates of course. Can’t wait until you are skating again! Congratulations on Circuit Jerk of the month Mellynium Faclon!

What is your derby name and number? What is the story behind it?

Name:  Mellynium Falcon

Number: <12

Story:  Both the name and number were suggested to me by friends!  The name is an obvious play off of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and the Number is in reference to the ... Read More »

March Circuit Jerk of the Month: Brassica I'llRaceYa

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You may have seen Brassica I’llRaceYa slinging beers at our last home game on March 15th. She has been skating with Circuit Jerks for a while now, and recently went through league try-outs. You will see her skating soon with the Hard Drivers! Congratulations on March Circuit Jerk of the Month AND on becoming one of our newest Hard Drivers!!!

What is your derby name and number? How did you decide on it?

Brassica I'llRaceYa #7 of 9. Brassica oleracea is the Latin name for the group of cultivars commonly known as broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc. I do bacterial testing of brassica seeds, among others, for my work. Brassica are little roly poly seeds that roll all over and are hard to control. The analogy was obvious and the play on words pleased me. 7 of 9 is a character from ... Read More »

Love Derby, But Don't Have the Time? Join SVRG's Rec League!

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Drop in for a practice with Circuit Jerks, SVRG’s recreational league for some low-impact play! Anyone who meets the requirements listed below can join in the fun. Whether you’re building up the courage and skills to play full-contact derby, recovering from an injury, looking for extra practice time, or wanting to scrimmage without getting the snot knocked out of you...rec league is for you! Can’t commit 60% of your life to derby? No problem. How about one night per week?

My first time at Jerks, I was fresh out of SVRG’s bootcamp. The league was on break, so rec league was my only chance to get some derby skating in before the holidays. It was a great workout that included conditioning (planks, squats, etc.), drills, and light scrimmaging—mostly things I couldn’t do on my own during open skate.

My favorite drill was running the ... Read More »

SVRG Starts New Recreational Team

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Love derby but can't commit the time to play on a league?
Coming back from an injury and not ready for super-competitive play?
Can't get enough derby on your current league?
Come join SVRG's brand new recreational team!

Starting in May, SVRG's Circuit Jerks will be hosting recreational skating drop-in practices and scrimmages!  We aim to promote roller derby in a non-competitive way by hosting cooperative skating practices, holding mixed scrimmages with other local leagues, and keeping ourselves fit with both on- and off-skates workouts.


Own and wear protective gear: mouth guard, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet (and preferably your own skates, but rentals are available)
Know how to derby skate. This means you have attended an SVRG bootcamp, passed WFTDA minimum skills testing, or have skated with another league. If you’re ... Read More »