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Featured SVRG Swag!

So: you have your favorite SVRG t-shirt; you wear your trucker hat around with pride; and your neck is fashionably adorned with a Robot Girl bandana. You got it covered, representing your favorite flat-track roller derby team, right? But there is always room for more!! And that’s where this season’s fresh new SVRG merchandise comes in.

Just in time for summer days at the beach, or camping out with friends or even (gasp!) our next roller derby event: the Silicon Valley Roller Girls Stadium Chair!!

More than a mere cushion, the camp-style chair can be used to cushion your bum anywhere you go. The variety of straps included will also allow you to attach the seat to bleachers or benches. So feel confidant repping SVRG even while watching a Little League game.

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Community Service and SVRG

Our fans know that the Silicon Valley Roller Girls are a hard-hitting sports team. Did you know that SVRG is a legit (501 c3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving our community? This year, we’ve created partnerships with several community-based organizations and our skaters will volunteer to plant gardens, build homes, collect books for women in prison, distribute school supplies to kids in need, teach health & wellness to the daughters of farmworkers and lead empowerment workshops with young female athletes. That’s just a snapshot of our activities through the summer of 2015!

In April, SVRG volunteered at HaTikvah (Hope) House, an assisted living and micro-community for developmentally disabled adults alongside members of the Congregation Shir Hadash. This event provided a wonderful multi-generational opportunity for our skaters to engage with HaTikvah residents in a meaningful and fun way, while focusing on the ... Read More »

It's a New Season for SVRG!!

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Welcome back blogfans, to the 2015 season for the Silicon Valley Roller Girls!

In only nine short days, SVRG will be hosting our season home opener at The Big Blue Tent (South Hall in downtown San Jose) on May 9. It's a double header, so that means twice the derby in one night. Come and cheer on your local roller girls! The first whistle is at 6pm, when our Killabytes face off against the Pacific Coast Recycled Rollers. After that, the Dot.Kamikazes take on Santa Barbara’s Mission City Roller Girls. You can find tickets to our bout here and our season schedule here. We hope to see you there in your finest green and black.

We have been busy since last season, growing our league and training hard for a brand new season. Thanks to all our new and returning sponsors, as ... Read More »

May Circuit Jerk of the Month: Nora Drenalynn

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New to derby and the Circuit Jerks, Nora Drenalynn has been impressing coaches and is May’s Circuit Jerk of the Month. Nora just passed her minimum skills and enjoyed her first scrimmage this past week. Her hard work is surely paying off! Congratulations on May Circuit Jerk of the Month AND passing your minimum skills Nora!

1. What is your derby name and number? How did you decide on them?

Nora Drenalynn, #1. The number came first, and it's brought forward from my many years of goalkeeping. My name was a spinoff of something a friend suggested; I loved the direction of his idea, but wasn't 100% sold. After some brainstorming, I settled on a respelling of "noradenaline" (also known as norepinephrine.)

2. How long have you been playing roller derby? How did you even discover derby anyways?

Since the beginning of January, so ... Read More »

May Official/Volunteer of the Month: iPhil Tower

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One of SVRG’s most vocal supporters is iPhil Tower, husband of this month’s Skater of the Month Luna Chick (can you say dynamic duo??). You will see (and likely hear) iPhil at almost any SVRG event, quite possibly with beer. He has been an SVRG staple as one of our main announcers at home bouts. His entertainment, sense of humor, and unwavering support for SVRG is appreciated. Congratulations iPhil, we couldn’t do it without you!

1. How did you decide on your derby name iPhil Tower?

I came up with that nickname on my own. Although, I always thought of it as Eye-Phil Tower until Evil 'Jin'ius spelled it for the first time on Facebook. Thanks Jin! iPhil Tower is way more "Silicon Valley".

2. How did you become involved with SVRG?

When Luna Chick got out of boot camp and started ... Read More »

April Skater of the Month: Faye Tality

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One of Silicon Valley Roller Girls' newest league members, Faye Tality, is April's Skater of the Month. Faye has started out the 2014 season as the co-captain of SVRG's Hard Drivers. She leads by example with her spotless attendance, tireless skills practice, and her great attitude. Congratulations on Skater of the Month Faye!

How did you get involved with roller derby? When did you start?

I was downtown in San Jose for a Sharks game in 2011, and saw some women dressed in team jerseys and skates. My first reaction was “Holy crap… there’s derby in San Jose??? I’ve wanted to be a derby girl since the first time I saw it on TV as a child.” I chatted with a couple of them, who turned out to be SVRG skaters, and who encouraged me to come check it out. ... Read More »

Silicon Valley Roller Girls at San Jose Bike Party

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On Friday April 18th, 2014 SVRG and San Jose Bike Party teamed up to have a roller derby scrimmage at the first regrouping spot of the night. Check out this awesome video!

We hope to team up with Bike Party again in the future! See you all at our next event!


P.S. Our next home game is Saturday May 31st at 6pm!

SVRG Home Opener 2014

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Twas the week before bout day, and all through the rink,

Everyone was preparing for the enemies to be beat.

The banners were hung, home opener twenty-fourteen,

Uniforms made ready in black, white, and green.

Dot.Kamikazes scheming all through the night,

KillaBytes planning everything just right.

Sweet dreams of victory playing in their heads,

SVRG is ready to take down the Undead.

Come see the conquest, you’ll wish you were there,

This Saturday at 6, be there or be square!

This Saturday, February 22, 2014, come watch SVRG’s Dot.Kamikazes and KillaBytes battle against the Undead Betties and The Damned! The bouts are sure to be action packed with smashing hits and clever schemes.

SVRGs teams have a very ... Read More »

In the Name of Science! SVRG Participates in Microbiome Research

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SVRG traveled to Eugene, Oregon in February 2012 to participate in The Big O, a tournament hosted by the Emerald City Roller Girls and the Lane County Concussion Men’s Flat Track Roller Derby. In addition to posting three wins, members of SVRG consented to participate in a study about microbiology.

Researcher Jessica Green, Director of the Biology and Built Environment and Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Oregon, who skated as Thumper Biscuit for Emerald City, combined her love of derby with her love of science. The researchers swabbed members of Silicon Valley, Emerald City, and the DC Rollergirls before and after bouts during the three-day weekend. The researchers found that prior to a bout, a skater’s team could be identified by the composition of bacteria on her skin. After a bout, bacteria had been shared between opposing skaters ... Read More »

Saturday Feb 16th Home Double Header

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Doors open at 5:30 pm, with SVRG’s KillaBytes taking on the Like OMGs of San Fernando Valley starting at 6pm. The Dot.Kamikazes battle the V-Town Derby Dames at 8pm. We will have our infamous beer garden and numerous vendors showcasing all you need to bleed SVRG black and green. General seating means get there when doors open at 5:30pm to get a good seat.


San Jose Skate
397 Blossom Hill Road
San Jose, CA 95123
(408) 226-1155


Children (ages: 0-5): Free
Children (ages: 6-10): $8
Adult general seating: $12
VIP tickets: $30

Purchasing Physical Tickets
San Jose Skate

397 Blossom Hill Road
San Jose, CA 95123
(408) 226-1155

Psycho Donuts (2 locations)

288 South 2nd Street
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 533-1023

2006 S Winchester Blvd Suite C
Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 533-1023

Streetlight Records

980 South Bascom Avenue San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 292-1404

Normandy House Lounge

30 Washington Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(408) 244-1937

Pabst VIP Section

This year, we're excited to bring back the ... Read More »