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Fact-checking the "Whip It" trailer

Posted on September 24th, by demonic in Media, Roller Derby, Rules & Regulations. 7 comments


The roller derby community is super excited for the debut of the new roller derby movie, "Whip It," directed by Drew Barrymore and adapted from Shauna Cross's novel. The movie follows Bliss Cavender (Ellen Page, aka Juno) as she goes from unhappy pageant puppet to roller derby queen. Barrymore, SNL's Kristin Wiig, rapper-designer-actor Eve, and Juliette Lewis play other derby girls, and Jimmy Fallon steps in as the venue announcer. Daniel Stern and Marcia Gay Harden play Bliss's parents. So far the reviews out of the Toronto Film Festival say it's a fun flick, and Juliette Lewis steals the show.

If you're an SVRG or other flat-track roller derby fan, you may be confused by the trailer: WTF? The biggest discrepancy here is that the Whip It version of derby is closer to its 1970s incarnation, where skating was done on ... Read More »

Roller Derby Rules in Simple Comic Form

Posted on February 8th, by demonic in Roller Derby, Rules & Regulations. Comments Off

Here's a great comic that shows the rules of roller derby, courtesy of the Kansas City Roller Warriors. They make it sound so simple!