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SVRG Family Spotlight for August: Saracha

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Welcome to the second half of SVRG’s amazing 2016 season. All of our skaters have been working hard both on and off the track, and it shows. The Dot.Kamikazes, SVRG’s nationally recognized travel team, has been climbing up through the WFTDA rankings all year. This month in our SVRG Family Spotlight we take pleasure in introducing one of our favorite & fiercest players: Hot Saracha. In addition to being part of the SVRG skater training team, this season Saracha has also been voted Captain of the Dot.Kamikazes.

 SVRG: Thanks for taking the time to help highlight the awesome work you ladies have been doing this season. How long have you been skating with SVRG?

 Saracha: I passed my minimum skills after boot camp in March 2013 and have been with SVRG ever since.

How long have you been rostered with the Dot.Kamikazes?

 The very ... Read More »

April Skater of the Month: Mellynium Falcon

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A member of SVRG since 2013, Mellynium Falcon is an amazing skater, leader, and friend. She’s level headed, has phenomenal track awareness, and is known for giving clear, helpful feedback that pushes her teammates to play their best. She serves as Secretary of SVRG’s Board of Directors, parents two beautiful little girls, and manages to work full time. She’s been working hard and kicking booty ever since she joined the league. In fact, back in 2014, Mellynium Falcon was recognized as Circuit Jerk of the Month for all of her hard work and support, even while she was on maternity leave. Since she’s been back from maternity leave, she hasn’t stopped! After SVRG Hard Drivers’ first bout of the 2016 season, Sonoma County Roller Derby’s North Bay Bruisers voted Mellynium Falcon the Best Blocker! Looks like all her cross-training and ... Read More »

March Skater of the Month: Merciless Martinez

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This month’s honored skater is SVRG’s one and only Merciless Martinez. She may be merciless to her opponents on the track, but she is a genuine and thoughtful teammate. She was nominated by her peers for being a great friend to teammates, volunteering to help train others outside of practice, and being a fabulous skater. She can often be seen juking, bean dipping, and jumping past the opposing blockers as a jammer for the Dot.Kamikazes.

How did you get into roller derby?

Honestly, if it wasn't for Drew Barrymore directing “Whip It” in 2009, it would have taken me a while to learn about this rad underground sport. I was getting a little bored with cheerleading and was inspired to pursue a full contact sport like derby after watching the movie. I started skating for the junior’s team the year it was founded ... Read More »

Showing the Love - February 2016 Skater of the Month

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Nominated by her teammates for being a fierce leader and terrifying competitor, Patty Hearse is Silicon Valley Roller Girls’ February skater of the month. Known for her kick ass blocking and swagger, Hearse is a force to be reckoned with. She’s been dropping jammers and blockers alike since 2010, and is currently a skater on the Dot.Kamikazes, SVRG’s travel team. What you may not know is that Patty Hearse is an integral part of SVRG’s leadership: she’s currently Head of Training AND President of SVRG.

What are your individual and team goals for the 2016 season?

My goals for the season are to continue to grow as much as possible as a skater on and off the track and to push my league harder than it has ever been pushed.

What skater or team do you look up to the most and ... Read More »

May Jerby of the Month: Shock

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Nominated for her hard work, Shock is the May Jerby of the Month! Still fairly new to derby, Shock has fallen in love with the sport and is always eager to learn more and improve her skills.

1. What is your derby name and number? How did you decide on them?

Derby number is 30 and name is Shock. My number was random and my name is from Nightmare before Xmas as I am the oldest of three kids so is Shock.

2. How long have you been playing roller derby? How did you even discover derby anyways?

This is my first session of derby. I found out because I have an awesome Mom who took me and my brothers to my cousins bout at san jose skate and she looked up the SVRG teams.

3. What is your favorite position to play?

Jammer is my ... Read More »

May Circuit Jerk of the Month: Nora Drenalynn

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New to derby and the Circuit Jerks, Nora Drenalynn has been impressing coaches and is May’s Circuit Jerk of the Month. Nora just passed her minimum skills and enjoyed her first scrimmage this past week. Her hard work is surely paying off! Congratulations on May Circuit Jerk of the Month AND passing your minimum skills Nora!

1. What is your derby name and number? How did you decide on them?

Nora Drenalynn, #1. The number came first, and it's brought forward from my many years of goalkeeping. My name was a spinoff of something a friend suggested; I loved the direction of his idea, but wasn't 100% sold. After some brainstorming, I settled on a respelling of "noradenaline" (also known as norepinephrine.)

2. How long have you been playing roller derby? How did you even discover derby anyways?

Since the beginning of January, so ... Read More »

May Official/Volunteer of the Month: iPhil Tower

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One of SVRG’s most vocal supporters is iPhil Tower, husband of this month’s Skater of the Month Luna Chick (can you say dynamic duo??). You will see (and likely hear) iPhil at almost any SVRG event, quite possibly with beer. He has been an SVRG staple as one of our main announcers at home bouts. His entertainment, sense of humor, and unwavering support for SVRG is appreciated. Congratulations iPhil, we couldn’t do it without you!

1. How did you decide on your derby name iPhil Tower?

I came up with that nickname on my own. Although, I always thought of it as Eye-Phil Tower until Evil 'Jin'ius spelled it for the first time on Facebook. Thanks Jin! iPhil Tower is way more "Silicon Valley".

2. How did you become involved with SVRG?

When Luna Chick got out of boot camp and started ... Read More »

May Skater of the Month: Luna Chick

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What do you get when you combine hard work, dedication, and an awesome sense of humor? May’s Skater of the Month, Luna Chick. Currently our league Vice President, and a member of the Dot.Kamikazes, Luna Chick has also taken on a major role in leading our warehouse search and Fundrazr campaign. In a little over a year, Luna has progressed from her first bout to a fierce travel team competitor. Thank you for all you do off the track AND your amazing attitude, effort, and skills on the track! Congratulations on a well-deserved May Skater of the Month Luna!

1. Last year when you were featured as a skater of the month (February 2013) you were a new SVRG skater waiting to participate in your first bout. Now you are one of SVRG's travel team skaters. Can you tell us a little about your ... Read More »

April Circuit Jerk of the Month: Mellynium Falcon

Mellynium Falcon is one of SVRG’s biggest supporters AND a Circuit Jerk skater. You can see her practicing at Circuit Jerks, being a Non Skating Official (NSO), or volunteering at bouts and other events with the league. She has been exceptionally involved with making the league a success since she joined last year. Although on a ‘9 month injury’ Mellynium Falcon has continued to be just as active with the SVRG community, off skates of course. Can’t wait until you are skating again! Congratulations on Circuit Jerk of the month Mellynium Faclon!

What is your derby name and number? What is the story behind it?

Name:  Mellynium Falcon

Number: <12

Story:  Both the name and number were suggested to me by friends!  The name is an obvious play off of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and the Number is in reference to the ... Read More »

April Official/Volunteer of the Month: Gary Ono

One of the biggest supporters of SVRG can be seen on the sidelines at every home bout and scrimmage. Gary Ono, one of SVRG’s EMTs, has been with SVRG since 2012. Not only do we appreciate the copious amounts of time he has donated to us, we are greatful for the wonderful care that he has given to skaters for their injuries. Any skater will tell you that Gary is an essential part of our league. We couldn’t do it without you Gary! Congratulations on Official/Volunteer of the Month!

How did you become involved with roller derby?

Jeff Chung (one of the other SVRG medics) got me involved. It is the most fun volunteer gig I have ever done.  It is an honor and a pleasure to take care of you ladies.

How long have you been an EMT?

Since the mid 70’s.  I ... Read More »