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March Skater of the Month: Merciless Martinez

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This month’s honored skater is SVRG’s one and only Merciless Martinez. She may be merciless to her opponents on the track, but she is a genuine and thoughtful teammate. She was nominated by her peers for being a great friend to teammates, volunteering to help train others outside of practice, and being a fabulous skater. She can often be seen juking, bean dipping, and jumping past the opposing blockers as a jammer for the Dot.Kamikazes.

How did you get into roller derby?

Honestly, if it wasn't for Drew Barrymore directing “Whip It” in 2009, it would have taken me a while to learn about this rad underground sport. I was getting a little bored with cheerleading and was inspired to pursue a full contact sport like derby after watching the movie. I started skating for the junior’s team the year it was founded ... Read More »

Showing the Love - February 2016 Skater of the Month

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Nominated by her teammates for being a fierce leader and terrifying competitor, Patty Hearse is Silicon Valley Roller Girls’ February skater of the month. Known for her kick ass blocking and swagger, Hearse is a force to be reckoned with. She’s been dropping jammers and blockers alike since 2010, and is currently a skater on the Dot.Kamikazes, SVRG’s travel team. What you may not know is that Patty Hearse is an integral part of SVRG’s leadership: she’s currently Head of Training AND President of SVRG.

What are your individual and team goals for the 2016 season?

My goals for the season are to continue to grow as much as possible as a skater on and off the track and to push my league harder than it has ever been pushed.

What skater or team do you look up to the most and ... Read More »

Summer Lovin'

“S-V-R-G! WE! ARE! FAMILY!”  That call-and-response cheer is joyously shouted by the Silicon Valley Roller Girls after each practice and before each bout, but it wasn’t until I found myself skating in the San Jose Rose, White, and Blue parade on Independence Day, wearing a bright green tutu and chanting alongside my new friends and teammates that I realized how quickly this group of people have come to feel like family.

     It’s been said that Roller Derby is something that you find during life transitions and that statement definitely rings true for me.  It was August of last year that my husband and I decided to sell the majority of our belongings and head out west.  I’d been presented with a job opportunity that would finally bring me to the Bay Area, the place I’ve dreamt of living ... Read More »

Dads in Derby, part 2

Welcome back blogfans!

In celebration of Father's Day, we're hearing from Dads in SVRG! Our second story of a dad in derby comes from Toad, a new circuit jerk recruit, and the newest member of his family to join SVRG.


I remember standing on the beach looking out over the ocean where my brother had drowned a few years before, his daughter (my niece) standing next to me. My family and hers were there on that anniversary, my kids playing in the surf and the others milling about. “Did I tell you I want to play roller derby,” she said abruptly. Visions of a banked track, scantily clad demon women and fist fights came to mind. “Really?” I answered. Not that it came as much of a surprise, the Dilley family has been known to get involved in relatively odd pursuits from ... Read More »

Dads in Derby, part 1

Hello Blogfans!!

Happy Father's Day! For this week's blogpost, a few dads in derby will share their stories of getting involved with roller derby. SVRG has many opportunities for anyone to join, a co-ed recreational league, many opportunities to ref, NSO, volunteer, or coach. We welcome those of any gender to be a part of our league, if you are interested, email This first story comes from one of our volunteer photographers, and circuit jerk skater, Arne.


I first read about Derby in an inflight magazine (yes, I was desperate) and thought “that must be interesting to watch”. At that time we lived in the Detroit Metro area, so Yvonne and I went to a bout and had a look. Besides the derby action, what totally won us over was that those gritty derby girls broke out hula hoops during half ... Read More »

2012 SVRG Awards

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Skaters, Referees, NSOs, Volunteers and friends gathered on Sunday, December 30 to celebrate the 2012 season and hand out a number of awards. The air was chilly, but the league was out in full force as it celebrated team and league accomplishments, and geared up for 2013.

Special thanks to Belle Wringer and Mona Stat for organizing the awards, and to Absolutely Scabulous for coordinating with the excellent venue, the Naglee Park Garage.

Stats-Based Awards for the Dot.Kamikazes

Most Effective Dot (player with highest average point differential): Mad 4 Gravy (20 @ 1.25)
Most Effective Jammer (jammer with highest average point differential): Absolutely Scabulous (20 @ .5)
Most Effective Blocker (blocker with highest average point differential): Zootown Throwdown (20 @ 0.62)
Lead Jammer (jammer with highest lead jammer percentage): Bad Tempt-Her (20 @ 48%)
Bad Girl (most penalties): Pia Mess with 84 minors and 40 majors
Bad Girl Runner ... Read More »

Skater of the Month: CynTax

CynTax is known on the track for her endurance, speed, agility, and wily jammer moves. In a sport where size often matters, this 5 foot tall, 110-pound skater uses her small stature to her advantage by deftly sneaking through the pack unnoticed. She has received several accolades over her 4-year derby career, including Jammer MVP (Most Valuable Player) on 9/11 against SAC, KillaBytes’ 2009 Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’ award, and she skated 315 laps (approximately 24 miles) in 2 hours at our first annual skate-a-thon fundraiser in 2009.

How did you get into roller derby?

I watched the Rollergirls reality show on A&E in early 2006, and they mentioned that teams following the new format of all women’s, full-contact roller derby were springing up everywhere in major cities across the country. I knew after the first episode that ... Read More »

Skater of the Month: Retox Fox

I am very grateful to my awesome teammates for bestowing this honor upon me. However, interviewing myself is a little meta and a lot awkward. Take a shot with me and let's roll:

How did you get into roller derby?

I was getting signals for a couple of years. As soon as a team started up in my hometown, Louisville, my dad cut out every newspaper article or ad about the Derby City Roller Girls and mailed it to me, but I didn’t have a team where I was living (in the seventh circle of Hell, or southwest Florida). When I moved to Tucson, my BFF/roommate told me he thought derby would be a perfect match for me, but grad school was eating me alive. My final push was actually seeing derby in the flesh—a friend took me to Virgin MusicFest in ... Read More »

Skater of the Month: Donna Diggler

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You know Donna Diggler (12 1/2 inches) on the track because she is a hollerin' fiend, constantly apprising her Dot.Kamikaze teammates of the pack situation. Her perennial upbeat mood, constant supportive comments, and dedication to making it rain make her a valuable asset to the team psyche. Our tenderoni is also a member of our Safety Committee, helping to care for downed skaters.

You can find out more about Donna here.

Skater of the Month: Zootown Throwdown

Zootown Throwdown is the type of skater that exemplifies all the great things about roller derby. When she started, we affectionately referred to her as "Bambi" as we watched her learn to balance her long legs on skates. She was relentless, though, and soon using that long stride to push herself through double-digit jams. She's already racked up two MVP awards this season for the KillaBytes (of which she is co-captain) and has started swingin' and jamming on some Dot.Kamikaze rosters as well. In addition, she took over the incredibly tough job as our league President this year. Whew! And despite all that work, she loves derby so much that she capitalizes on her travel-heavy day job by using it as an opportunity to skate with leagues all around the country. If you're lucky, there may be a Zoo ... Read More »