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Making it: Words from our newly minted SVRG interns

Posted on June 11th, by demonic in Roller Derby, Silicon Valley Roller Girls, SVRG Skaters. 1 Comment

Among 16 SVRG recruits who recently passed bootcamp and their WFTDA skills test, we have four different women all drawn to one of the greatest sports of all time: ROLLER DERBY!  Here, we have we have a high school English teacher, a middle school teacher, a single mom, and a fire fighter who have written about the experiences that have drawn them to the sport. Read on to see what four pieces of “fresh meat” (i.e., skaters new to roller derby) have to say about their bootcamp experiences and accomplishments.

Squirrelly Brawler

Recently retired from competitive Muay Thai--a martial art where elbows, shins, knees and fists are used as weapons--I was feeling as though I had no outlet for my energy.  My bestest friend and fellow fight team member and I decided to go see "Whip It." Being huge ... Read More »

Check out this profile on SVRG's Death by Dollface!

Posted on May 30th, by demonic in Media, Roller Derby, Silicon Valley Roller Girls, SVRG Skaters. 1 Comment

SVRG's Death by Dollface was recently in the spotlight in Santa Clara magazine. The magazine, a publication by Santa Clara University, features stories on its accomplished alumni. Death by Dollface, being a rock star in all aspects of her life (marathoner, graduate student, assistant director, former SVRG President, and of course killer blocker/jammer on the track), was chosen for coverage, alongside some guy named Steve Nash (?). Pick up a copy or read the online version here!

Skater of the Month: Catherine Beata Bones

Posted on April 25th, by demonic in Roller Derby, Silicon Valley Roller Girls, Skater of the Month, SVRG Skaters. Comments Off

Catherine Beata Bones has been a welcome addition to the KillaBytes this season. Not only is she a speedy jammer, but her fierce hip checks and booty blocks also make opponents take note when she's in the pack. She's also a warm person and quick to laugh, making Bones a natural fit for the team. She secured the top-scoring jam in her debut bout in March and I anticipate that she'll be racking up the points this Saturday against CCRD!

How did you find out about/get into roller derby?

I went to an SVRG outdoor exhibition bout last summer and have been hooked ever since!

What kind of skating skills or athletic abilities did you have before starting derby?

I got skills, but before derby I had absolutely no skating skills. I played basketball for years when I was younger and learning to skate ... Read More »

Skater of the Month: Absolutely Scabulous

Posted on March 24th, by demonic in Skater of the Month, SVRG Skaters. 4 comments

How do I love AbScab? Let me count the ways. This woman is a go-getter in every sense of the word and has committed herself to the league 100%. She is the person you cross your fingers and hope to get in your group or on your scrimmage team because you know her enthusiasm is going to keep you going and get you in a good place no matter what. She recently debuted in her first bout for the KillaBytes in March. Her solid, clean play, teamwork, and endurance meant she skated in over 50% of jams--amazing! Off the track, as Head of Bout Production, she puts in a zillion woman-hours making sure our bouts run smooth like butter. We are lucky to have such a font of energy, ideas, and achievement in the league. I heart you!

How did you ... Read More »

Skater of the Month: MisTits

Posted on February 18th, by demonic in Roller Derby, Skater of the Month, SVRG Skaters. Comments Off

I confess that I have probably voted for MisTits as SOTM more than any other skater on SVRG. All it takes is going up against her one-on-one in any blocking situation to know how fearsome she is. After every bout I am reminded of the grace and fortitude of her execution as she darts around the track, laying out opponents right and left with the efficiency of a professional assassin. I've seen jammers catch more air than Michael Jordan after Tits has picked one off with a killer hit. The reason why Tits is such an amazing blocker, though, is that in addition to all that raw power, she is incredibly agile on her skates. That combination should give any opponent a sinking feeling when they see her lining up.

How did you find out about roller derby?
I was looking up ... Read More »

Skater of the Month: SKooter Ov'r

Posted on December 27th, by demonic in Skater of the Month, SVRG Skaters. 3 comments

SKooter Ov'r is one of SVRG's most versatile skaters and, given her swinging with both the KillaBytes and the Dot.Kamikazes, has likely skated in more SVRG bouts than any other skater this year. Her contributions to both teams throughout the year helped her earn the designation of Skater of the Month.

How did you get into roller derby?

Roller derby found me at the San Jose Grand Prix in 2007, in the form of  Death by Dollface.  She says, “You’re pretty good on your skates. Have you ever thought about roller derby?”  To which I replied flatly, “Nope.”  “Think about it,”  she said and passed along the info. A few days later and several pints into conversation with a dear friend, the idea sounded perfect!  So I lurked out SVRG on MySpace and was soon at the rink watching my first practice.  ... Read More »

Hall of Pain: Steffen Razor's knee

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KillaByte co-captain, Dot.Kamikaze, and recently elected SVRG General Manager Steffen Razor knew she had knee surgery on the horizon, so she squeezed in one last skate at the Red Red Holiday tournament (where her team, Orange, came in 3rd) and then hopped on the surgical table four days later.

According to the doc, Stef's knee problems preceded her derby involvement, but given the stress that derby puts on the knees, her sporting didn't help. Essentially, her cartilage ended up with the consistency of sauerkraut, leading to fluid retention and stiffness in the knee. You can read the details about her injury and procedure at Rantin' Razor.

In the meantime, send your well wishes and thoughts. Heal fast, Razor! Can't wait to see you back on skates next season!

Skater of the Month: Aim DeKill

Posted on December 8th, by demonic in Skater of the Month, SVRG Skaters. Comments Off

As the Captain of the KillaBytes, Aim DeKill set a gold standard. Our "Mama Byte" was a knowledgeable, supportive force on the track for the KillaBytes and when she skated with the Dot.Kamikazes. She pivoted with grace, and no matter how tough things got, she was there to offer an encouraging word--or pick off a blocker for you. Aim announced her retirement at our last home bout this November, but thankfully she will be sticking around to help coach our new recruits.

This is Aim's second Skater of the Month award. That's just how awesome she is. This time, I decided to give her the floor, so here is what she had to say:

Thank you for selecting me as Skater of the Month for a second time in two years. It's been my honor to skate with SVRG for the last ... Read More »

Skater of the Month: Pia Mess

Posted on October 18th, by demonic in Skater of the Month, SVRG Skaters. 1 Comment

Pia Mess is a woman of many talents. She came to SVRG from Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls (after a brief tenure with San Francisco's ShEvil Dead) and has rocked our world as both player and coach. She is a terrifying blocker with the power to knock you on your ass and the agility to hover and cage you like an animal. She also frequently dons the jammer cap, and the combination of her speed, grace, and power often yields the highest scoring jams of the bout. Her wide-ranging talents on the track make her an effective coach, where her extensive experience helps cultivate SVRG's strategies. She is also renowned for her killer endurance practices where many a Silicon Valley Roller Girl has fulfilled the motto, "Skate 'til you puke...and then keep skating."

How did you get into roller derby?

I used to ... Read More »

SVRG Around the World: Razor at Burning Man

Posted on September 8th, by demonic in Around the World, SVRG Skaters. Comments Off

KillaByte co-captain/Dot.Kamikaze Steffen Razor recently attended Burning Man, and she was happy to represent SVRG while she was there. She brought these great pictures back to show she was thinking about us! Above, Razor hitches a ride on an art car. Below, Razor in front of an unignited Burning Man.

Are you going on vacation somewhere cool? Pack your SVRG gear! We're going to have a new feature here on the blog, SVRG Around the World. We're soliciting pictures from our friends and fans of people representing SVRG at different places around the world. Put on your SVRG wear and get a picture in front of a landmark or great scenery, and send it to me, retoxfox, with a gmail and .com after that.