April Volunteer of the Month: TaraByte

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In addition to skaters and referees, roller derby requires Non-Skating Officials (NSOs). Without NSOs, roller derby would be impossible. Skaters and referees need NSOs to keep track of everything that occurrs on and off the track. NSOs are the people wearing a pink WTDA shirt and black pants. They can be inside the track tracking penalties on whiteboards, calling “5 seconds!” when the jam is about to begin, timing your favorite skater when they’re in the penalty box, and keeping score of the points. NSOs must remain impartial to the teams playing, which can be a challenge. (Have you ever tried not cheering for your friends that skate???) Thank you to all the NSOs for all the hard work that you do, and a special thank you to TaraByte, SVRG’s April volunteer of the month.

TaraByte is SVRG’s Head ... Read More »

March Volunteer of the Month: Jonny Demonic

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Without our volunteers, SVRG would be nothing. We wouldn’t have referees, non-skating officials, or EMTs – all of the essentials that allow roller derby practices and games to occur. One of SVRG’s long time volunteers and our March volunteer of the month is Jonny Demonic. He’s been SVRG’s head referee for many seasons, and has also been keeping our website running smoothly for years! Did you know that he even has his WFTDA Level 3 Referee Certification?

Jonny was chosen for this honor for all of the work he does, sharing his immeasurable knowledge with skaters and his officiating team, rolling with the punches during our exhibition fundraiser bout (he even jammed), and training all of our new officials. We are very grateful for Jonny’s dedication, positive attitude, and all of the hours he puts in to keep our league running ... Read More »

Dads in Derby, part 2

Welcome back blogfans!

In celebration of Father's Day, we're hearing from Dads in SVRG! Our second story of a dad in derby comes from Toad, a new circuit jerk recruit, and the newest member of his family to join SVRG.


I remember standing on the beach looking out over the ocean where my brother had drowned a few years before, his daughter (my niece) standing next to me. My family and hers were there on that anniversary, my kids playing in the surf and the others milling about. “Did I tell you I want to play roller derby,” she said abruptly. Visions of a banked track, scantily clad demon women and fist fights came to mind. “Really?” I answered. Not that it came as much of a surprise, the Dilley family has been known to get involved in relatively odd pursuits from ... Read More »

Dads in Derby, part 1

Hello Blogfans!!

Happy Father's Day! For this week's blogpost, a few dads in derby will share their stories of getting involved with roller derby. SVRG has many opportunities for anyone to join, a co-ed recreational league, many opportunities to ref, NSO, volunteer, or coach. We welcome those of any gender to be a part of our league, if you are interested, email recruitment@svrollergirls.com. This first story comes from one of our volunteer photographers, and circuit jerk skater, Arne.


I first read about Derby in an inflight magazine (yes, I was desperate) and thought “that must be interesting to watch”. At that time we lived in the Detroit Metro area, so Yvonne and I went to a bout and had a look. Besides the derby action, what totally won us over was that those gritty derby girls broke out hula hoops during half ... Read More »

May Official/Volunteer of the Month: iPhil Tower

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One of SVRG’s most vocal supporters is iPhil Tower, husband of this month’s Skater of the Month Luna Chick (can you say dynamic duo??). You will see (and likely hear) iPhil at almost any SVRG event, quite possibly with beer. He has been an SVRG staple as one of our main announcers at home bouts. His entertainment, sense of humor, and unwavering support for SVRG is appreciated. Congratulations iPhil, we couldn’t do it without you!

1. How did you decide on your derby name iPhil Tower?

I came up with that nickname on my own. Although, I always thought of it as Eye-Phil Tower until Evil 'Jin'ius spelled it for the first time on Facebook. Thanks Jin! iPhil Tower is way more "Silicon Valley".

2. How did you become involved with SVRG?

When Luna Chick got out of boot camp and started ... Read More »

April Official/Volunteer of the Month: Gary Ono

One of the biggest supporters of SVRG can be seen on the sidelines at every home bout and scrimmage. Gary Ono, one of SVRG’s EMTs, has been with SVRG since 2012. Not only do we appreciate the copious amounts of time he has donated to us, we are greatful for the wonderful care that he has given to skaters for their injuries. Any skater will tell you that Gary is an essential part of our league. We couldn’t do it without you Gary! Congratulations on Official/Volunteer of the Month!

How did you become involved with roller derby?

Jeff Chung (one of the other SVRG medics) got me involved. It is the most fun volunteer gig I have ever done.  It is an honor and a pleasure to take care of you ladies.

How long have you been an EMT?

Since the mid 70’s.  I ... Read More »

March Official/Volunteer of the Month: Tara Byte

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 A crucial part of the league, TaraByte has been a great asset to SVRG. We could not do it without you Tara! Congratulations on Official of the Month! It is well deserved!

When and how did you first get involved in roller derby?

Everyone is going to laugh when they read this. In 2009 a friend and I went to see “Whip it”. My friend fell in love with derby and started to look for a place to participate the next day. I could not skate and dismayed I knew I would never be a part of derby. But wait.. She found out that you can do this thing called NSO’ing if you can not skate. My First bout I was a scorekeeper to Texas Teabag, My head NSO was Dual Cannoz and I rode with Weavin Kohl Bear. ... Read More »

Hall of Pain 2012 Edition

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Hurry! Someone call the WHAMbulance!

It has been a while since we posted pics of our battle wounds. Here are some of our favorites in case there was any doubt in your mind that roller derby was a full-contact sport. WARNING: Don’t scroll down if you’re squeamish!

Thanks to our medics for volunteering their time and expertise at our bouts and scrimmage practices:

Andrew Aragon
Karen Carlsen
Brandon Christensen
Jeff Chung
Katie Hensel
Isaak Huerta
Michelle Park

We also appreciate the generous services of our sponsor, Dr. Mike Rogerson. Rogerson Chiropractic is a family and sports chiropractic clinic in Santa Clara.

Unsung Heroes: Derby Photographers

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A successful league takes hard work both on and off the track. Many people donate their time and talents to make SVRG a success. Let’s give a shout out to all the camera-happy fans who make us look fabulous! Ever try to take a picture of skaters in action and end up with nothing but a blurry shot? It’s not easy to capture the moment in sharp focus when a blocker flies through the air. These are the people who make it happen.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but our league photographers are priceless! Take Adrian Valenzuela, for example. His photo of SVRG won Derbylife.com’s 2011 Photo of the Year contest for the best color category!

This photo is now a final contender for the 2011 Photo of the Year. Go to Derbylife.com and vote for #3 by Adrian Valenzuela ... Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Silicon Valley Roller Girls are thankful for our families, friends, sponsors, fans, and supporters. We are thankful for our hardworking zebra crew. We are thankful for our sister teams and competitors. We are thankful for having such an amazing season. We are thankful for the sport of roller derby.

And we are thankful for having each other. Everyone should be so lucky as to have such a close and supportive group of friends/teammates.

Happy turkey!