April Volunteer of the Month: TaraByte

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In addition to skaters and referees, roller derby requires Non-Skating Officials (NSOs). Without NSOs, roller derby would be impossible. Skaters and referees need NSOs to keep track of everything that occurrs on and off the track. NSOs are the people wearing a pink WTDA shirt and black pants. They can be inside the track tracking penalties on whiteboards, calling “5 seconds!” when the jam is about to begin, timing your favorite skater when they’re in the penalty box, and keeping score of the points. NSOs must remain impartial to the teams playing, which can be a challenge. (Have you ever tried not cheering for your friends that skate???) Thank you to all the NSOs for all the hard work that you do, and a special thank you to TaraByte, SVRG’s April volunteer of the month.

TaraByte is SVRG’s Head ... Read More »

WFTDA Championships Preview

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We may be far from Atlanta, but SVRG friends and family are no doubt interested in the three days of hard-hitting roller derby that will take place in Georgia. This weekend, the Atlanta Rollergirls host twelve teams to determine the best WFTDA team in 2012. Formerly referred to as Nationals, the tournament is now known as Championships in order to reflect the global membership of the WFTDA. This year, teams from Montreal, Canada and London, England participated in the regional playoffs.

Regionals pit the top ten teams from each region (North Central, South Central, East and West) against each other to vie for a spot to Championships. The top three teams from each region advance to play at Championships to vie for first place.

SVRG was ranked 15th in the West Region at the time when teams were invited to Regionals. Many ... Read More »

Who Is Roller Derby Nation?

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The Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is conducting two surveys to learn more about you, the people who make up derby nation—the skaters, fans, sponsors, medics, officials, photographers, and all who take part in this great sport. Last year over 10,000 people took the survey revealing trends that have sponsors clamoring to be a part of the meteoric rise of modern roller derby. Derby nation is the mom next door, your lawyer, your kid's teacher, it's all around you...and it's growing.

Please fill out a short survey by February 15th. Your confidential answers will help the national association and your local roller derby league improve the fan experience. If you provide your email, you could win some WFTDA swag for your time.

Win a WFTDA Prize Pack!

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The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is hosting its annual fan demographic survey and by participating you’re entered into a drawing for a prize package! This survey is designed to help the WFTDA and its individual member leagues understand the modern roller derby audience – that means YOU! To participate in the survey please click on over to the WFTDA website.