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Dads in Derby, part 1

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Happy Father's Day! For this week's blogpost, a few dads in derby will share their stories of getting involved with roller derby. SVRG has many opportunities for anyone to join, a co-ed recreational league, many opportunities to ref, NSO, volunteer, or coach. We welcome those of any gender to be a part of our league, if you are interested, email This first story comes from one of our volunteer photographers, and circuit jerk skater, Arne.


I first read about Derby in an inflight magazine (yes, I was desperate) and thought “that must be interesting to watch”. At that time we lived in the Detroit Metro area, so Yvonne and I went to a bout and had a look. Besides the derby action, what totally won us over was that those gritty derby girls broke out hula hoops during half time and pulled all the kids onto the track. What a contrast! So we became regular spectators with the Detroit Derby Girls (shout out to MexiGo, CookyCrumble and WhiskySour!).

When we moved back to California, we found SVRG, and a little later my daughter, Alexandra, was interested in joining the Juniors and became “Loose Cannon”. Three further years and another daughter, now "Monkey Wrench", also joined. I am really proud when I see my girls skate; I am pretty sure that nobody will ever be able to push those girls around. Also, I am getting that sense of pride when I see some of the older Juniors graduate to the adult league. It is interesting to see how the league changed over the years, and I really like what I am seeing now.

It only took a few years of exposure to ask myself “I wonder if I could do this”, and next thing I know, I am joining people on trail skates, and talking them into coming to Aloha for extra practices. Cannon isn’t sure if she is proud of her dad, or embarrassed. During the first two trail skates I wasn’t any good at braking (I'm not much better now), and I had Cannon help me braking while rolling downhill. What a ride. Besides other things, I like photography, and I started taking photos during the Junior bouts. Now that I got a bit better at that, I am also shooting the Dots and Killas. This is the best volunteer job ever. I can watch Derby, I have the best view, and I can play with my photo gear.



Arne and Loose Cannon


Check back tomorrow for another story of Dads at SVRG!

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