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Hall of Pain: Fox takes one to the face

Posted on March 21st, by demonic in Hall of Pain. 8 comments

No, I don't like The Cure.

OK, I have two admissions to make: one, I named this post based on search engine potential; and two, thankfully, *very* thankfully, our Hall of Pain has been relatively barren so far this season (that sound you hear is my knuckles pounding on my IKEA desk, which is hopefully real wood) and since this was my face, I can say I'm stretching the whole pain part. Given my previous life in kickboxing and barroom brawling, I hardly earned this black eye, but heck, it was real purdy so I figured I'd post it.

Please note the Goth pose was adopted so that you could actually distinguish the black eye from the eye that merely has swollen, pronounced bags underneath it thanks to the recent procurement of my dissertation and the requisite inversely proportional relationship between maniacal editing and sleep.

Anyway, I took an elbow to the face in the pack, but subsequent blindness meant I never caught sight of who did it, just a vision of an arm coming at my face and me turning just enough not to catch it on the nose (Feisty Irish, who has been featured in the Hall of Pain for her two broken noses a la derby, sympathized on that angle.) I was inclined to blame Lindsay Lohanded, who might as well have her own branding iron given the bruises her hits tend to elicit (not to mention CynTax's broken ribs), but unfortunately she was off the track at the time, so I am in need of a culprit. Alas, now I have a variety of purples (with very little in the wardrobe to coordinate), a boyfriend who is hesitant to go out in public with me, and a lot of explainin' to do to my dissertation committee. Oh well, maybe it will inspire a bit of mercy.

8 Responses to “Hall of Pain: Fox takes one to the face”

  1. coach panda says:

    arinca!!!!! which practice did this happen at?

  2. Has anyone handed you a domestic abuse pamphlet yet?

  3. Zootown says:

    Ran over to my laptop tonight after seeing you at the rink bc I had to read your post! Yes, my assumption was correct, your post was hilarious! I laughed my toosh off :) Gulp down those arnica pills and double up on cover up (or not, depending on if you like to tell people that you're a derby girl and proud of it!) The goth pic cracks me up! Seriously though, hope you feel better soon fox.

  4. Zootown says:

    ps can you work your magical web skills and change my posting picture from that weird cartoon onion thing to a bottle of jack or a pink peace sign!? schpanks!

    • retoxfox says:


      Thanks for the well wishes!

      Note: I would never disgrace anyone's profile with a bottle of something as vile as beaker full of warm urine and/or a bottle of Jack Daniels. Really, though, I do not have the power of Grayskull. If you want a cuter icon you'll need to create your own profile with WordPress--then you can upload whatever you want and that will be your icon for all posts. Takes about 5 minutes.

      P.S. Panda, my friend Mark made the same observation about Glenn Danzig. Kind of creepy when you start to look like your high school crush.

  5. Jeremy G. says:

    To me you looked a bit like the girl from The Ring. The Cure reference totally transformed you, though.