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July Skater of the Month: Patty Hearse

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Congratulations to Patty Hearse for being July's SVRG Skater of the Month!


Here are some fun facts about Patty Hearse!

What is your derby name and number and how did you decide on it?

Patty Hearse # '74 – When I was younger I was intrigued by the kidnapping story of Patty Hearst from the 70’s. Look it up!

I changed the Hearst to Hearse because I like dark and creepy things and because my husband and I own a Cadillac Hearse that we drive around town.

You can’t image the looks we get when we are loading up the back with groceries.

How long have you been with SVRG? How did you decide to play/find derby?

Anyone who knows me knows that I've got a little bit of a bad attitude and can be pretty scary at times so I’d say I didn't find roller derby, roller derby found me. I’ve been skating since 2010. This upcoming season will be my fourth season with SVRG.

Any previous skating experience before joining derby?

Like most kids, I skated at the local roller rink from time to time. I had plenty of competiveness and willing to work hard to be good at something experience though. Which you need more than skating experience in my opinion. Roller Derby is not for the weak.

Favorite position to play?

Blocker – I’m pretty good at it! *toot toot*

How do you spend your time when not on the track?

I sit in a dark room, by myself and listen to Danzig records and plot my revenge on all the people that have done me wrong.

What positive aspect has derby brought into your life?

Derby has taught me that ‘maybe’ not all people are worthless. No, really the group of people dedicated to this sport are amazing.

If you could bout against anyone who would it be?

Ghandi – I have a feeling he’s be pretty slow.

Favorite bout moments? Best moment so far?

I like being in the first jam of a bout, all the adrenaline pumping, people yelling, your nervous, scared, ready to play. It’s a great feeling. It’s like being in a Riot!

Advice for people who want to join?

Yes, DON’T. it will consume your life. Don’t waste everyone's time if you’re not dedicated to yourself and your league. Derby only gives back what you’re willing to put into it!




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