San Jose, California's Premier Roller Derby League

Junior Derby

2017 Derby 2.0

Derby 2.0 is SVRG’s youth roller derby league for boys and girls 7-17 years old.


Part of the larger Silicon Valley Roller Girl’s roller derby league, Derby 2.0 currently boasts one positional team, the WebBruisers.

All skaters participate in two practices per week. Dependent on each skater’s individual skill level, the focus for each practice will vary, and can consistent of one or more of: skating safety, skating skills, rule knowledge, general gameplay, and roller derby strategy.


New skaters: We are currently accepting skaters for our Fall Session. The intake period is the entire month of August.

Please fill out the intake form in full.

Transfer skaters: Skaters wishing to transfer in from another league are always welcome. Please have your coach email a letter of reference that includes your name, prior league, number of years skating, and current skill level.


Where do you practice? We currently practice at Silver Creek Sportsplex, located in San Jose, CA.

What sort of equipment does my skater need? Quad skates, a well fitting helmet, mouth guard (SISU or similar brand preferred,) knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Do you have any loaner gear? Yes! We have slowly begun to amass a small collection of pads, helmets, and even one pair of skates. It is highly recommended skaters purchase a new helmet, and we do not have any loaner mouthguards.

Do you accept gear donations? Yes! Please email

Does my skater need to already know how to skate before joining an intake session? Yes, all skaters must be able to skate unassisted before joining the league. Silver Creek Sportsplex has a number of open skate nights you can attend to practice up before joining an intake session.

Is it full contact? No. At least to start. All skaters, regardless of age, begin with the basics: falling safely, proper skating stance, and how to stop before they’re even allowed to scrimmage with the league. From there, skaters begin to level up starting at positional only (no hits.)

Who can join? Any child (yes, girls AND boys) who will be 7 by the first practice of an intake period, or who will still be 17 through the majority of the sessions they’re joining (contact for more information.)