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KillaBytes Make a Strong Showing in Sonora

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Will this be the season of 2-point nail-biters? It was clear from the start that the February 25th battle between SVRG’s KillaBytes and High Country Mountain Derby Girls’ Hell Cats was a close contest, with the Killas and the Hell Cats taking turns at lead jammer status. Bad Tempt-Her and Skirt Vonna-Gut (formerly known as Newton’s Slaughter) started the night off with 15-point power jams in the 2nd and 4th jams respectively. Both sides were dishing out and taking some big hits, but no one was stopping SVRG’s LauRAWR! By the end of the first half, SVRG was barely holding the lead, 92-90.

Skirt Vonna-Gut Takes a Hit by Russell Reno Limprecht

©2012 Russell Reno Photography, Skirt Vonna-Gut Takes a Hit

SVRG’s 2nd half was about keeping the Hell Cats from putting numbers on the score board. The Hell Cats were ahead by one point (108-107) in the 5th jam, but a lead change put the Killas back on top (126-110) by the 9th. The score continued to leapfrog as both teams nickel and dimed their way to the lead.

With just 19 seconds left, the game was within a point (154-153 Hell Cats). The clock was ticking down in the final jam, the crowd was going wild, and in a last-minute zebra huddle, the referees decided a final score of 155-153 in favor of the Hell Cats. Solid teamwork like this promises a great season ahead for the Killas.

Scabbie with her Zuca bag, photo by Sarah Gendler

Absolutely Scabulous, with Züca travel bag in tow, arrives at High Country Sports Arena, Photo by Surge

Shout out to our travel team sponsor, Züca!

SVRG is grateful for Züca’s generous donation to our travel fund for the past three seasons! And what more could a derby girl ask for in a travel bag? The aluminum frame can hold up to 300 lbs., so it’s a sturdy seat when you need it. Sasha Degrader uses the handy drawers as a tool box, and mesh side pockets let your gear breathe. The wheels not only glow in the dark but also flash for higher visibility. Whether we’re on the road, in the air, or off to practice, it’s easy to haul our derby gear around in Züca bags!

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