March Circuit Jerk of the Month: Brassica I'llRaceYa

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March Circuit Jerk of the Month: Brassica I'llRaceYa
Photo by David Costa

Photo by David Costa

You may have seen Brassica I’llRaceYa slinging beers at our last home game on March 15th. She has been skating with Circuit Jerks for a while now, and recently went through league try-outs. You will see her skating soon with the Hard Drivers! Congratulations on March Circuit Jerk of the Month AND on becoming one of our newest Hard Drivers!!!

What is your derby name and number? How did you decide on it?

Brassica I'llRaceYa #7 of 9. Brassica oleracea is the Latin name for the group of cultivars commonly known as broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc. I do bacterial testing of brassica seeds, among others, for my work. Brassica are little roly poly seeds that roll all over and are hard to control. The analogy was obvious and the play on words pleased me. 7 of 9 is a character from Star Trek. So, that explains that.

How long have you been with the Circuit Jerks?

Maybe 6 weeks. 

Any previous skating experience before joining Circuit Jerks?

I have always skated. When I was like in elementary school, I did figure skating. After that it was mostly just recreational jam skating until I started playing derby like two years ago. I played for a team that was closer to my work, but right after I got pregnant, they ended up dissolving. Circuit Jerks was just the right choice for coming back after having my baby. It has been awesome.

Favorite position to play?


How do you spend your time when not on the track?

I have two littluns at home who seem to absorb a lot of my time :)

What positive aspect has derby brought into your life?

It's just a fabulous place to let out some steam. I love all the ladies and how there is this sense of camaraderie.

Goals for 2014?

Hockey stops (also my goal in 2012 and 2013, but I'm getting closer)

Worst Habit?

Jiminy crickets. So many bad habits

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