March Official/Volunteer of the Month: Tara Byte

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March Official/Volunteer of the Month: Tara Byte

 TaraByteA crucial part of the league, TaraByte has been a great asset to SVRG. We could not do it without you Tara! Congratulations on Official of the Month! It is well deserved!

When and how did you first get involved in roller derby?

Everyone is going to laugh when they read this. In 2009 a friend and I went to see “Whip it”. My friend fell in love with derby and started to look for a place to participate the next day. I could not skate and dismayed I knew I would never be a part of derby. But wait.. She found out that you can do this thing called NSO’ing if you can not skate. My First bout I was a scorekeeper to Texas Teabag, My head NSO was Dual Cannoz and I rode with Weavin Kohl Bear. I was hooked and have since that day been a part of derby.

Favorite bout/memory from a bout that you have officiated?

This is hard. I have so many memories as an official. I remember my first time officiating fondly. I also remember the first time I was a Tournament head and my first tournament. But I have to say that remember the time that Ewen Jected saved me from being taken out by a skater. She took out my legs, he grabbed my waist, I caught my footing like nothing happened.

Besides being head NSO what other jobs to you tackle within SVRG?

Currently I am also the WFTDA head, which means I am the contact between SVRG and the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. I make sure that we are represented within the Association with voting. We also make sure all documents get signed and that everyone has insurance. I have in the past worked with the Fundraising committee as well.

Any goals for 2014?

I have three goals this year.

1. Get my level 2 certification.  - Completed

2. Work Championships.

3. Get SVRG to Class A status in WFTDATaraByte2

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