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March Skater of the Month: Eve L. Twin

Posted on April 13th, by Anaya Later in Silicon Valley Roller Girls, Skater of the Month. Comments Off

Eve L. Twin is a newer name to the SVRG family but not to derby. If you think her name sounds familiar you have most likely seen her in action with her previous team the Monterey Bay Derby Dames. Twin transferred to SVRG during the end of our 2013 season and is now a part of the Dot.Kamikazes, the leagues WFTDA charter team.

*How did you first get started in roller derby?

I first got started when I was attending CSUMB down in Monterey. I saw a flyer in our cafe about Monterey Bay Derby Dames’ roller disco event for anyone interested in Roller Derby. I contacted the fresh meat coach, bought someone’s used skates, and never looked back.

*What is the story behind your name?

I am known to be the ‘evil’ one between me and my twin sister. Even my family thinks so. When I was considering derby names, I had asked my family for suggestions. My cousin said ‘evil twin’ and I couldn’t think of a better name! I still can’t figure out why, but the name stuck and I try to live by it.

*What are you most looking forward to in 2014?

I am looking forward to skating on a WFTDA chartered team for the first time. I had been on the travel team with MBDD, but I am skating on a different level with the Dots that brings new challenges and opportunities to play with and against some really great skaters.  Also, just being a part of the SVRG family! They are a great group of women and have always made me feel welcomed.

*Your sister, Smalls of Fury, and you played for Monterey together, what was it like having your sister play along side you?

At the time, it felt the same. We literally did almost everything together.. swim practice, marching band, spend too much time playing video games, and then roller derby.

*Do you prefer to play with her or against her?

I prefer to play with her than against her. Preferably with her as a jammer while I block, or her as a blocker while I jam. We both struggle blocking together on the track most of the time, because we both think we are right in any situation and constantly argue about what to do on the track. It leaves us yelling at each other and then forgetting about the jammer altogether.

As far as playing against her, I absolutely hate it. When we block against each other, it feels like she is only out there to annoy me. It’s not fun, and would prefer her not on the track against me.  The first season in Monterey we were on opposite home teams, and near the end of a bout during a crucial jam, she was blocking and I was jamming, and somehow made me get a cutting the track penalty. That’s a memory that I will never forget. I won’t get into the details, but it haunts me when I used to jam against her.


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