May Circuit Jerk of the Month: Nora Drenalynn

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May Circuit Jerk of the Month: Nora Drenalynn

New to derby and the Circuit Jerks, Nora Drenalynn has been impressing coaches and is May’s Circuit Jerk of the Month. Nora just passed her minimum skills and enjoyed her first scrimmage this past week. Her hard work is surely paying off! Congratulations on May Circuit Jerk of the Month AND passing your minimum skills Nora!

Nora Drenalynn

Nora Drenalynn

1. What is your derby name and number? How did you decide on them?

Nora Drenalynn, #1. The number came first, and it's brought forward from my many years of goalkeeping. My name was a spinoff of something a friend suggested; I loved the direction of his idea, but wasn't 100% sold. After some brainstorming, I settled on a respelling of "noradenaline" (also known as norepinephrine.)

2. How long have you been playing roller derby? How did you even discover derby anyways?

Since the beginning of January, so five months now. Honestly I can't remember how I initially discovered derby. I obviously heard about it at SOME point in time, and must have seen some clips. I went to an SVRG game last year, fell completely head over heels in love with the sport and the rest is history I suppose.

3. What is your favorite position to play?

Right now the best answer I can give is: TBD! Based on the drills we had done pre-scrimmaging, I certainly enjoyed jamming... but then I was in a power jam where the lead jammer was in the box, and after about ten seconds all I could think was "has it been two minutes yet?!" I'll probably stick to blocking until my endurance builds up some more.

4. What do you do when you aren't playing derby?

I run and try to hike as much as I can, grab drinks and have craft parties with friends, volunteer for a local sci-fi/fantasy convention, watch a lot of horror and so-bad-it's-good movies with my boyfriend, and try to avoid as many Game of Thrones spoilers as possible until I've at least finished the books.

5. What is your best moment so far?

Probably my first scrimmage on May 27. I went from feeling totally and utterly confused, lost, and ineffective to being only mildly confused and (I'd like to think) slightly more effective!

Nora Drenalynn (right) with some Circuit Jerks

Nora Drenalynn (right) with some Circuit Jerks

6. What are your goals for this season?

Driving home from the scrimmage, the three main takeaways I had flashing through my head the entire time were: (1) I absolutely must improve my endurance so my footwork doesn't go completely out the window during a jam. (2) Really dedicate more time to learning both rules and strategy so I'm not second guessing what I'm doing as much. (3) Learn how to best help my jammer out- I felt really ridiculous when she was calling for it and I couldn't intuitively just do something that would actually be effective.

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