May Official/Volunteer of the Month: iPhil Tower

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May Official/Volunteer of the Month: iPhil Tower

One of SVRG’s most vocal supporters is iPhil Tower, husband of this month’s Skater of the Month Luna Chick (can you say dynamic duo??). You will see (and likely hear) iPhil at almost any SVRG event, quite possibly with beer. He has been an SVRG staple as one of our main announcers at home bouts. His entertainment, sense of humor, and unwavering support for SVRG is appreciated. Congratulations iPhil, we couldn’t do it without you!


1. How did you decide on your derby name iPhil Tower?

I came up with that nickname on my own. Although, I always thought of it as Eye-Phil Tower until Evil 'Jin'ius spelled it for the first time on Facebook. Thanks Jin! iPhil Tower is way more "Silicon Valley".

2. How did you become involved with SVRG?

When Luna Chick got out of boot camp and started taking this derby thing seriously I figured I would have to get involved somehow or be okay with not seeing my wife 4 to 5 nights a week. Originally I wanted to do photography but it turns out that's really hard and REALLY expensive.  I thought about being an official but I fall ten times harder and more often than Teddy Wreck-Spin. So, I looked to my true talent, being a loud mouth attention whore and iPhil Tower derby announcer was born.

3. Do you have a favorite moment from a bout?

There are so many! I LOVE going to the bouts (Announcing or not). However, every time Luna Chick drops some opponent with that wicked right shoulder a tear of pride comes to my eye.

4. When you aren't announcing at an SVRG bout, what do you like to do?

I have an odd assortment of hobbies. Most of which are based around drinking beer. I play golf while drinking beer, I cook while drinking beer, I've taken up woodworking while drinking beer and most of all i like hanging out with friends and going camping... while drinking beer.

5. What is it like to be married to a derby girl?

Terrible!  She's always working out and in way better shape than I am. I have this constant self-guilt to get off my ass and do stuff.

6. Will we see you on skates now that SVRG is allowing men to practice/scrimmage with us?

Only if you want to put yourselves in terrible danger of being dragged down by my flailing arms as I crash to the ground.

iPhil announces at SVRGs 3/15/14 bout. Photo Credit to Mike Ko of Silicon Valley Designs.

iPhil announces at SVRGs 3/15/14 bout.
Photo Credit to Mike Ko of Silicon Valley Designs.


Come out and see iPhil Tower announce at SVRG’s last bout at San Jose Skate! You can still buy tickets online until midnight of 5/30! Or, you can buy them at the door.

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