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May Skater of the Month: Luna Chick

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Luna Chick blocks San Fernando's jammer Photo Credit to Matthew Becker of Matthew Becker Photography

Luna Chick blocks San Fernando's jammer
Photo Credit to Matthew Becker of Matthew Becker Photography

What do you get when you combine hard work, dedication, and an awesome sense of humor? May’s Skater of the Month, Luna Chick. Currently our league Vice President, and a member of the Dot.Kamikazes, Luna Chick has also taken on a major role in leading our warehouse search and Fundrazr campaign. In a little over a year, Luna has progressed from her first bout to a fierce travel team competitor. Thank you for all you do off the track AND your amazing attitude, effort, and skills on the track! Congratulations on a well-deserved May Skater of the Month Luna!

1. Last year when you were featured as a skater of the month (February 2013) you were a new SVRG skater waiting to participate in your first bout. Now you are one of SVRG's travel team skaters. Can you tell us a little about your derby adventures since then?

Wow, looking back now it's hard to believe my first bout was only a little over a year ago. Since then I've been super lucky to have bouted up and down the west coast and met a ton of interesting and fun derby people. My personal bout tally stands at 26 since March of last year. I even had a chance to skate overseas with the gals in Dublin Roller Derby while in Ireland for a work trip. It's also been an amazing honor to skate with my league's travel team, the Dot.Kamikazes. I've learned so much from them. Joining this team full of talented athletes and skating beside them has been an ongoing highlight for me. Also dragging my husband (iPhil Tower) into the mix has led to a lot of good times as well.

Luna Chick and iPhil

Luna Chick and iPhil

2. What is your greatest derby moment so far?

It's never really one moment in particular, but whenever I put the excuses aside and really focus on improving a particular set of derby skills. Pushing myself harder and watching as I get better practice by practice has been my most satisfying derby reward by far. That moment of "whoa, I finally did that!" is so awesome.

3. What is your favorite position to play?

This season I'm doubling down on defensive blocking, but someday I hope to get in good enough shape and have enough game experience and agility to become a great jammer for my team.

Luna Chick Jams against the Undead Bettys Photo Cred to David Costa of David Costa Photography

Luna Chick Jams against the Undead Bettys
Photo Cred to David Costa of David Costa Photography

4. ​You are currently Vice President for the league, are heading the warehouse search, and led our online Fundrazr campaign. How do you manage to fit in time to actually skate? What keeps you going?

As everyone in the derby-world knows, it's a challenge! I basically have a set schedule of work, practice, email reading and paper pushing, with time for friends and family sprinkled in whenever I can. It's a big sacrifice, but I look at myself and my derby sisters as the next generation of pioneers, working for the stability of my league and the sport for future skaters. Right now derby as we know it is still a very young sport. Most "normal" people have never heard of it or think it's still their Mom's derby from the 70s. It takes a ton of grassroots effort far beyond athleticism to create a stable sport that will continue for generations to come. I see myself as a cog in that machine, and the thought that my effort in our league and our league's small contribution in the growing number of established, well-run leagues that will have a lasting impact for women and girls to come keeps me pushing hard for SVRG.

5. What are you aspirations for the league in the upcoming seasons?

I would like to help SVRG achieve 501(c)3 non-profit status, obtain our own permanent practice facility and boost our WFTDA rankings.

6. Any personal derby goals for the rest of 2014?

Keep my sanity and stay injury free!

You can see Luna Chick this Saturday May 31, 2014 skate against the Berkeley Resistance at 8pm. Buy your tickets now at

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