Memorial Day the Nerd-tastic Way

If you were to attend a typical practice for the Silicon Valley Roller Girls, at first glance the crossover between our love of derby and our love for a plethora of other fandoms may not be immediately apparent. But upon closer inspection, you start to notice the geek shirts and tattoos, maybe peek into the book drive collection box to be greeted by the site of an overwhelming number of fantasy and sci-fi novels, or maybe you overhear some locker room conversation about how everyone needs to wear their Star Wars shirts for our practice on May 4th and it becomes apparent that we both collectively and individually have a lot more passions in our life beyond roller derby. From Star Wars to Monty Python, to Harry Potter to Dungeons and Dragons, Dr. Who, zombies, Hayao Miyazaki, Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Flash, Batman… the list goes on.


Pow Pow as Leia and as Super Pow

For the first time ever, SVRG will be attending BayCon this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited to be there. On Saturday, you will be able to find us in the ballroom hosting a panel; we’ll discuss a brief history of the sport and SVRG’s place in it, demonstrate what you can expect to see in a derby bout, and we’ll be sharing some personal stories about how roller derby has changed our lives for the positive. Attendees will have a chance to ask a group of players of all ages and skill levels as well as officials and coaches their questions (including many ways on how to get involved!)


From left to right: Belle Wringer as Ariel :: Doc U Mental with her daughter (junior skater Mockingjam), and son, as various incarnations of the Doctor :: E-Wrecks as a member of Team Rocket

Throughout the weekend, fans can find us on the Mezzanine with the rest of the fan tables. So stop by! Representatives of the league will be there to mingle and answer questions, help figure out how you can join the league, purchase steeply discounted tickets for our home bout on June 6th in downtown San Jose, and more.


(left) Georgia O’Grief in her zombie makeup and (right) Nora Drenalynn in hers.

It is our sincere hope that, since so many of us love so many fandoms that the members of BayCon love, that this weekend you will discover a new, very inclusive fandom which you can take part in-- roller derby. So stop on by, and talk derby to us!

~Nora Drenalynn

General Manager and Head of HR


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3 Responses to “Memorial Day the Nerd-tastic Way”

  1. The Notorious S.U.Z. says:

    i love SVRG, oh so very much!

  2. Doc U Mental says:

    So fun that ALL THE SVRG PASSIONS (derby, cosplay, general nerdiness) will come together at BayCon! Mockingjam and I cannot wait to mix, mingle and get our Dr. Who cosplay on at the con.

  3. Nora Drenalynn says:

    THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. Thank you everyone, from my fellow SVRG'ers to BayCon, for this super fun opportunity. Getting to do a panel for the first time was a big highlight to my otherwise insane weekend. And if anyone is reading this who was at BayCon and didn't attend, you totally missed out. Just saying.