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Merch Spotlight: Summer Sippin’

Summer is here!! Time for camp-outs, hikes with friends, sporting events (including three more home bouts for your Silicon Valley Roller Girls) & afternoons by the pool.

We know you. You want to make sure you bring the very best along with you to your summer activities so SVRG presents: The Flask!


Enjoy a refreshing beverage in a stylish stainless steel flask. The five-ounce size is perfect for sipping by a roaring campfire or poolside. The Robot Girl logo will show your love of SVRG in the classiest way yet.

The only thing better than a stylin’ flask is an awesome shot glass to go with it! Show some team spirit with the etched SVRG shot glass at your next get-together.


But, what about the beer (or soda or lemonade) drinkers? We’ve got you covered too, with our 16-oz green plastic stadium cups. Toss in your beach bag, your picnic basket, your camping box or even your trunk and rest assured you’ll be representing your girls in green all summer with every sip!

beer cups_Fotor

But that's not all!!

At our June 6th Bout, we will be offering June 6th Only Specials!

Flask & Shot Glass Combo for only $18! Save a couple of bucks and pack a glass to share.


Shot & Beer Glass for $6! You supply the beverages, we’ll supply the cups.



So make sure to stop by and watch your favorite derby girls while picking up some sweet new merch!!


~Bunny FuFu & The SVRG Merchandise Team

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2 Responses to “Merch Spotlight: Summer Sippin’”

  1. Nora says:

    Everything tastes better when I use my SVRG shot glass or flask-- all others are inferior and discarded and replaced immediately. I do need to pick up a few of those amazing green cups still; until then, I will have to drink out of my boring, less taste enhancing glassware.

  2. Bunny FuFu says:

    I will do deep discounts for bulk purchases of those sweet green cups. :) Hit me up at the bout!