Skater of the Month: Aim DeKill

Posted on December 8th, by demonic in Skater of the Month, SVRG Skaters. Comments Off

Aim takes a farewell lap at her last home bout this November. Photo credit: Boss Hogg

As the Captain of the KillaBytes, Aim DeKill set a gold standard. Our "Mama Byte" was a knowledgeable, supportive force on the track for the KillaBytes and when she skated with the Dot.Kamikazes. She pivoted with grace, and no matter how tough things got, she was there to offer an encouraging word--or pick off a blocker for you. Aim announced her retirement at our last home bout this November, but thankfully she will be sticking around to help coach our new recruits.

This is Aim's second Skater of the Month award. That's just how awesome she is. This time, I decided to give her the floor, so here is what she had to say:

Thank you for selecting me as Skater of the Month for a second time in two years. It's been my honor to skate with SVRG for the last two seasons and to serve as KillaBytes Captain in 2009. I love my league and I'll miss bouting with you!

Aim, we will miss you too!

Aim sent this photo to me labeled as a "TIGHT ASS PACK," presumably talking about the beauty of strategy executed here, but also perhaps a comment on our fabulous bums. Photo credit: Nocklebeast

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