Science + Roller Derby = AWESOME

Posted on June 11th, by demonic in Roller Derby. 10 comments

If you make a list of my favorite things, it's not going to include raindrops on roses or kittens or mittens or any of that crap. It will, however, include roller derby and science. To see the two things integrated is a thing of beauty.

The European Union has been funding creative short videos to teach scientific concepts. Their latest features roller derby girls and dudes with pornstaches demonstrating how electricity works. Check out the video here.

Personally, I'm waiting for someone to do a video on the physics of roller derby...

10 Responses to “Science + Roller Derby = AWESOME”

  1. Yi-Nan says:

    Any idea what league that is? Or where they got that banked track?

    • retoxfox says:

      According to comments on YouTube (so judge the info accordingly), it's some of the LA Derby Dolls skating at the Doll Factory.

  2. zomb1etron says:

    Possibly the best thing I have ever seen. Definitely the best thing I've seen today, anyway.

  3. bornbrave says:

    I just watched a National Geographic show on Speed in the Universe and they used Roller Derby girls to demonstrate a concept too!

  4. Lol this reminded me of when I was teaching some fresh meat about crossovers and somehow managed to launch into a lecture about centripetal and centrifugal forces... I need to get out more :P

    • retoxfox says:

      I fantasize about a pop science special on "The Science of Roller Derby." They could discuss physics and the forces that govern our movement around the track, kinesiology and how to make maximally effective strides, and the physiological response of the body to different sorts of could appeal to both my derby-ness and my nerd-ity.

  5. OliveWildly says:

    AWESOME! The girls on my team are gonna love this! I wonder if we could use roller derby ideas like this to help our Punks (junior league) team with school. Most of them are still in grade school... hmmm....

    -Olive Wildly, Paper Valley Roller Girls

  6. asian0range says:

    Here's a video lesson that explains the scientific method using a roller derby example.

  7. Physics of Roller Derby! It's not a video, but here's an explanation of centrifugal force on the track.

    -Culture Shock Her, Texas Rollergirls Rec N' Rollerderby