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SVRG Ctrl+Alt+Del the Competition at the Big O

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The Emerald City Roller Girls hosted the Big O tournament in Eugene, Oregon, from February 10th–12th. Thirteen WFTDA-sanctioned bouts were held, as well as three men’s bouts.

After graduating from the apprentice program, SVRG competed as a full-fledged WFTDA member league in 2011, ranking 14th out of 30 in the Western region at the end of our first year.

At the Big O, SVRG was matched up against the Jet City Roller Girls from Everett, WA (8th in the West), our hosts the Emerald City Roller Girls (12th in the West), and the DC Rollergirls hailing from our nation’s capital (11th in the East). Although we were the underdogs, we fought hard and won all three bouts! Read on for some game highlights.

Victory over Jet City by D.E.sign

©2012 Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign, Call It...a Victory! Left to Right: Pandamonium, Bionic BabyDoll, Pia Mess, Beth Sentence, Absolutely Scabulous, Zootown Throwdown, and LauRAWR

Bout #1 Win over the Jet City Roller Girls

SVRG’s Dot.Kamikazes upset the Jet City Bombers in a fight-to-the-finish bout ending in a score of 124-122. Jet City was the only league at the Big O that had qualified for the “Besterns” (Western Regional Playoffs) last year. But SVRG had a strong start, drawing first blood and leaving Jet City scoreless for the first few jams. Bad Tempt-Her started things off right with two grand slams in the first half. Then Jet City started racking up the points while SVRG’s blockers were sent to the box.

When it was Jet City’s turn to pay for penalties, Bad Tempt-Her and Pia Mess grabbed consecutive 20-point power jams in the second half to close a 40-point gap and tie the score at 107. Both teams fought to the finish with some big hits by Sasha Degrader and Kozmo Trouble. The bout ended in a nail-biting clock rundown in the final jam.

More details on the SVRG/Jet City bout can be found at Derby News Network (DNN).

Bout #2 WIN over the Emerald City Roller Girls

SVRG takes a 2-point win (127-125) over our hosts. Another close contest, DNN called it “the most exciting bout" of the Big O.

Both teams fought neck-and-neck with lead changes throughout the bout. In the first half, an Emerald City 25-point jam was countered by Smack Dahlia’s 20 points to take the lead in the next power jam.

Emerald City had a 2-point lead going into the last jam, but illegal clockwise skating to retrieve a dropped helmet cover put Emerald’s jammer in the box, giving SVRG enough time to pull ahead. Knowing the rules wins games.

Catherine Beata Bones gives Bad Tempt-Her a Whip! by Nicolas Charest

©2012 Nicolas Charest, Whip! Left to Right: Kozmo Trouble, Bad Tempt-Her, Catherine Beata Bones, and Smash N’ Burn

Bout #3 WIN over the DC Rollergirls All-Stars

West beat East with a final score of 174-151. The first half was dominated by DC with strong defense by All Star Chinese Cheker. Meanwhile SVRG crowded the penalty box, with two skaters waiting to go to the sin bin at one point.

But the comeback kids pulled it off in the second half, rising back up from a 49-point deficit. The DC skaters were plagued by penalties and Velocityraptor was ejected from the game for clockwise blocking.

Catherine Beata Bones got a unicorn (25-point jam) to close the gap. Then SVRG came ahead for the first time in the bout with under 12 minutes left when Pia Mess jammed for 23 points.

DNN was there to cover the action.

Win over DC by D.E.sign

©2012 Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign, Pregame Dance Party! Left to Right: Zootown Throwdown, LauRAWR, Bionic BabyDoll, Smack Dahlia, Catherine Beata Bones, Smash N’ Burn, Absolutely Scabulous, Tennessee Smitan, and Juicy K. Tore

SVRG returned from Oregon 3 for 3, rising in the ranks to 12th in the West. What an incredible way to kick off the 2012 season!

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