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Reflections on SVRG’s 2011 Season

Posted on October 6th, by demonic in SVRG Bouts. 1 Comment

What’s the old saying? You don’t know where you’re going unless you look back to where you’ve been? Two thousand and eleven has been quite the year for Silicon Valley Roller Girls.

By the numbers, let’s take a peek at each of our teams' performances this year. For those of you who are new fans of SVRG, we actually have three full teams: A (a WFTDA-ranked team), B, and C-level teams.

Hard Drivers (C-level)
vs. Rollin’ Roulettes WIN (158-72)
vs. Cal State WIN (236-41)
vs. Monterey LOSS (202-88) *unofficial score

KillaBytes (B-level)
vs. Sac City WIN (119-118)
vs. Undead Betties LOSS (132-147)
vs. Ressurection WIN (149-69)
vs. Pikes Peak B WIN (140-67)
vs. Jet City B WIN (106-78)
vs. Battle Borne WIN (169-126)

Dot.Kamikazes (A-level)
vs. Slaughter County LOSS (182-104)
vs. Humboldt WIN (119-84)
vs. Angel City LOSS (187-81)
vs. Pikes Peak A WIN (147-120)
vs. Jet City A LOSS (129-68)
vs Angel City A LOSS (118-143)
vs. Tuscon LOSS (109-91)
vs. Assassination City WIN (248-40)
vs. Sin City WIN (198-63)
vs. Lava City WIN (226-56)
vs. Dockyard WIN (219-58)

I really love this image that Flat Track Stats creates. It gives you an across-the-year view of how our WFTDA-ranked team did.

As with everything in life, after you reflect, you just keep on moving forward. So what’s next for SVRG? Our last home bout for the season takes place on Saturday, October 15th at our dear old San Jose Skate.

The Dot.Kamikazes will be taking on Blockwork Orange (Orange County Rollergirls) and the Killabytes will be facing  Atomic Assault Central California Area Derby.

Buy your tickets at here. And hell, we even took $3.00 off for this game because we love our fans that much.

See you there!

One Response to “Reflections on SVRG’s 2011 Season”

  1. Em-shazzam! says:

    that graph is a great visual representation of winning and losing trends!