Aim DeKill

Hotter on Hiatus

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SVRG is back and hotter than ever! We were busy this off season. Pia Mess challenged the league to lose weight and increase stamina over the winter break. With weekly workouts and nutrition tips, our ladies shed pounds and gained muscle.

Help us congratulate the winner of the hotter on hiatus challenge! Assistant Coach Aim DeKill won the weight loss challenge. She (De)Killed the competition with a total loss of 12 pounds, resulting in an inch off her waistline and four inches off her hips. She won a pair of Antik skates and a slimmer silhouette! Kozmo Trouble came in a close second, and Juicy K. Tore and Pia Mess tied for third place. Aim shared her inspiring story with us.

What motivated you to start your weight-loss journey?

After I retired from skating and started coaching, I spent less and less time ... Read More »

Skater of the Month: Aim DeKill

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As the Captain of the KillaBytes, Aim DeKill set a gold standard. Our "Mama Byte" was a knowledgeable, supportive force on the track for the KillaBytes and when she skated with the Dot.Kamikazes. She pivoted with grace, and no matter how tough things got, she was there to offer an encouraging word--or pick off a blocker for you. Aim announced her retirement at our last home bout this November, but thankfully she will be sticking around to help coach our new recruits.

This is Aim's second Skater of the Month award. That's just how awesome she is. This time, I decided to give her the floor, so here is what she had to say:

Thank you for selecting me as Skater of the Month for a second time in two years. It's been my honor to skate with SVRG for the last ... Read More »

KillaBytes Topple Santa Cruz Harbor Hellcats, 122-109

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The KillaBytes were full of excitement for their fourth official bout of the season, and all the better that they were facing the Harbor Hellcats from SVRG’s favorite friendly rival, the Santa Cruz Derby Girls. The anticipation continued to build as the announcement was made that the Civic Auditorium had sold out and the teams would be facing off in front of a packed house of more than 1,100 derby fans. The KillaBytes wanted to hold on to SVRG’s reign after the Dot.Kamikazes defeated SCDG’s Boardwalk Bombshells in a thrilling throwdown this past June; the Harbor Hellcats were equally motivated to take back the crown and send the Valley girls home with a loss.

Although this was the first showdown for these teams, several players had encountered each other on the rink before. A few KillaBytes had played against the Hellcats ... Read More »

Skater of the Month: Aim DeKill

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Known for her studded belt and studly blocking, Aim DeKill is the type of force that makes the enemy cower. Not only can she deliver powerful hits that sends opponents flying, but she also has the kind of agility that keeps jammers desperately dancing in their efforts to break the pack. Off the track you'd be hard pressed to find a more hospitable and welcoming presence. Above is a picture of her flaunting her cooking skills at a recent SVRG community service event. Aim took the time to answer a few questions about her favorite sport.

How did you get into roller derby?

Thanks to our sister league, The B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls. They held several bouts during the 2007 Season at San Jose Civic Auditorium, and I caught one. I was hooked from the second I walked in the door.

What kind ... Read More »