2012 SVRG Awards

Posted on February 12th, by Leigh in SVRG Skaters. 2 comments

Skaters, Referees, NSOs, Volunteers and friends gathered on Sunday, December 30 to celebrate the 2012 season and hand out a number of awards. The air was chilly, but the league was out in full force as it celebrated team and league accomplishments, and geared up for 2013.

Special thanks to Belle Wringer and Mona Stat for organizing the awards, and to Absolutely Scabulous for coordinating with the excellent venue, the Naglee Park Garage.

Stats-Based Awards for the Dot.Kamikazes

Most Effective Dot (player with highest average point differential): Mad 4 Gravy (20 @ 1.25)
Most Effective Jammer (jammer with highest average point differential): Absolutely Scabulous (20 @ .5)
Most Effective Blocker (blocker with highest average point differential): Zootown Throwdown (20 @ 0.62)
Lead Jammer (jammer with highest lead jammer percentage): Bad Tempt-Her (20 @ 48%)
Bad Girl (most penalties): Pia Mess with 84 minors and 40 majors
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