What Everybody Ought to Know About Roller Derby

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So you wanna be a rollergirl? If you’ve watched Whip It and want to wear cute boutfits...then perhaps it’s a great costume idea for next Halloween. Now, if you’ve just watched your first bout, screamed your throat raw, developed your first derby crush on a Slamazon, and can’t wait to get in on the action...let me show you my friend’s “wall of pain,” a photo gallery of nauseatingly awesome hematomas and rink rash. Because behind the glam and sparkle, roller derby is hard-hitting athleticism at its best. Third-wave feminists can embrace their aggressive side while simultaneously feeling feminine in fishnets.


Here’s what roller derby is and what it isn’t. Don’t be fooled by the movies; derby is a real sport with rules and referees. You can’t punch each other in the face. Some of the most incredible shows of athleticism and ... Read More »

SVRG Welcomes New Recruits

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We’re back and better than ever! A new season means fresh faces.

The Silicon Valley Roller Girls are pleased to welcome three new staff members:

eViL JINius (formerly of Charlottesville Derby Dames)

Six skaters have been recruited to join the league starting in the 2012 season:

Culo Whippin'
Foo Bar
MonaStat (formerly of LA Derby Dolls)
Bullet Sucker (formerly of South County Derby Girls)
Asian Orange (formerly of Inland Empire Derby Divas)

After an 8-week bootcamp to learn the derby basics from coaches and seasoned skaters, recruits were tested on their WFTDA minimum skills. Those who passed were invited to try out for the league.

If you’re interested in becoming a rollergirl or official, shoot us an email ( to get invited to our spring 2012 bootcamp, and skate, skate, skate!