Cannonball Iztik

Skater of the Month: Cannonball Iztik

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How did you find out about roller derby?

I live around the corner from San Jose Skate, which has a huge banner hanging in the front that says, "SAN JOSE SKATE - HOME OF THE SILICON VALLEY ROLLER GIRLS."  Eventually I figured, what the heck, let's see what it's all about. And here I am.

What kind of skating skills or athletic abilities did you have before starting derby?

I've played just about everything competitively: volleyball, soccer, badminton, Parker Kempo, basketball, softball...I was heavily involved in field hockey for several years, and played for the Futures, which is an Olympic development league. Unfortunately, I got severe shin splints and chrondromalacia in both knees, which stopped me from participating in any sports that involve running. I moved on to cycling, which is low-impact for joints, and finally roller derby. But all that previous activity ... Read More »

SVRG has a fun and derbyful weekend

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The Silicon Valley Roller Girls' season officially ended at the November bout, but we've still been workin' it out and taking any derby opportunity that rolls our way. This weekend SVRG members made appearances at Red Red Holiday, a mixed scrimmage hosted by Sac City, and a scrap team (translation: anyone who had the time & money to travel) meandered down to face some of the San Diego Derby Dolls.

Red Red was particularly exciting this year because we got to send a lot of our new blood for some scrimmage experience. In addition to SVRG vets Steffen Razor (Team Orange) and MisTits (Dark Green), five of our interns got their first taste of bouting: Bozo Disposo (Dark Blue), Cannonball Iztik (Black), Absolutely Scabulous (Red), Blanca Basura Barbie (Pink) and Catherine Beata Bones (Light Green). The ladies had a wonderful time, ... Read More »