Double Easy

Skater of the Month: Double Easy

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Life at SVRG just hasn't been the same since our indomitable Double Easy left for Colorado. We are happy to honor our blammer ('cause yeah, she blocks AND jams) as August's Skater of the Month!

How did you get into roller derby?

I went roller skating for fun on my birthday and liked it so much that I looked up roller rinks in the area the next day. I found an ad for roller derby on San Jose Skate’s website. After reading about it on Wikipedia, I decided it was for me and showed up to practice that night!

What kind of skating skills or athletic abilities did you have before starting derby?

I played ping-pong...and I was captain of the b-team for basketball in my 6th grade class. I could make free throws, but that was it.

How did you derive your derby name?

I’m ... Read More »

SVRG bids farewell to our beloved Double Easy :(

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It is with great sadness that we must report the departure of our dear Double Easy for the Rockied realm of Colorado.

As I met Easy later in her tenure, I was shocked to learn that she could barely stand on skates when she first joined SVRG. Her story is the one of sports mythologies, though: she skated her ass off and practiced and practiced and practiced and taught herself some sweet moves. After all that hard work she developed into both a solid blocker and a reliable jammer based on her speed, endurance, agile feet, and quick thinking in the pack. Her mad skills made her a very valuable asset to SVRG.

It's rare to come across someone with such unbridled enthusiasm for the sport, and her positive attitude and always-ready-for-more mentality helps buoy her teammates' spirits and keep us looking ... Read More »

Team White slips past Team Black in SVRG/BADG mixed scrimmage, 86-69

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Thank you to the ever talented Double Easy for the recap of our last exhibition bout of the summer! If you weren't there, too bad...but you can get your derby fill Saturday, August 8th, at our next home bout at San Jose Skate!

SVRG's last free outdoor exhibition bout of the 2009 summer was held
last Sunday at 5pm at Roosevelt Park in downtown San Jose. At around
80 degrees F, the afternoon was much cooler than those of the last two
exhibition bouts, which experienced approximate temperatures of 90 and
100 degrees F. SVRG had split into our traditional scrimmage colors of
black and white, but this time we had invited our friends and big
sisters, the girls of the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls (or the BAD Girls
for short), to bolster our ranks. With both teams having 19 or 20
skaters each as opposed to the 10 ... Read More »

KillaBytes trounce Ventura Battalion of Skates, 202-32; Dot.Kamikazes defeat Vendolls, 70-67

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Both SVRG teams loaded up and headed to sunny SoCal to take on Ventura County Derby Darlins. The KillaBytes faced off against Ventura’s Battalion of Skates, and the Dot.Kamikazes took on the Vendolls.

The Killas were pumped for their game for several reasons. They had been practicing several strategies that they wanted to test out in a bout. Because both SVRG teams have been impacted by inevitable injuries, we were thrilled that some of our friends at CCRD would be helping us fill out our roster. Also, there were some bout cherries to be popped: Bitch Puddin’ and yours truly, Retox Fox, skated in our first official bout—and let me tell you, it was great to break 200 points in our first outing!

Double Easy, CynTax, Zootown Throwdown, and Postal Servix handled most of the jamming duty. Golden Delicious, on loan from ... Read More »

Stripes defeat the Stars in SVRG exhibition bout

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A special thanks to Weavin' Kohl Bear for this compelling account of the SVRG exhibition bout while I was off road trippin'.

For their second exhibition bout at Roosevelt Park, SVRG split itself into two teams, the Stars and the Stripes. Skaters set aside their signature green and black for red, white, and blue in an early celebration of Independence Day. The roller girls had a chance to show their creativity as well as athleticism as they bouted in homemade uniforms that expressed their personal style. To complete the theme, the teams’ patriotic looks were topped off by custom jammer and pivot helmet covers, hand-made by skater Steffen Razor.

Team Stripes took the early lead, with jammers Smashleigh, CynTax, and The Undietaker earning a combined 16 points in the first three jams while their blockers kept the Stars jammers from scoring ... Read More »

SVRG back to work at Habitat for Humanity

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Yet again the ladies of SVRG were out to spend a work day with Habitat for Humanity this past Saturday. This time, they helped construct playhouses donated by Cisco that will be auctioned off to help fund more Habitat projects. Soon enough you'll be able to hire us for all your construction needs!

Dot.Kamikazes massacre ShEvil Dead 127-65; KillaBytes fall to Sacred, 148-44

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SVRG's first doubleheader was an action-packed evening for certain!

As yours truly was home with the "other" derby, that is, the Kentucky Derby, get your detailed recap from Killer Vee here. Dan Brown of the San Jose Mercury news also gave a shout out in his blog. Here are a couple of great shots from the Dot.Kamikazes' victory over ShEvil:

Despite the loss, there were several memorable moments in the KillaBytes' battle against Sacred as well:

More photos can be found on Jim Cottingham's page and nocklebeast's page.

SVRG volunteers at Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

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SVRG spent Wednesday afternoon helping the YWCA out at the annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event in downtown San Jose. The event was designed to raise awareness about the incidence of rape and sexual assault by having male participants literally walk a mile in "her" shoes--that is, donated pairs of high heels.

SVRG was happy to contribute by directing traffic and offering encouragement to our walkers along their route. One of our SVRG referees, Texas Tea Bag, also participated in the walk, donning a nice pair of magenta wedges with bows for the occasion.

We were glad to be raising awareness for such an important issue; seeing men totter around perilously in heels was an added bonus. One participant, wincing as he wobbled along, said that the walk served as "an exercise in sympathy on so many levels."

Afterwards, several of ... Read More »

SVRG builds stuff with Habitat for Humanity

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Although there was a bout scheduled for that very evening, some SVRG skaters gathered at the break of dawn to put in a day of community service building homes with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat was this month's benefit charity, so in addition to providing some hands to help during the day, SVRG also donated our portion of the proceeds from the bout to Habitat.

It was a productive day for the SVRG ladies as we helped finish a roof, install frames and doors, and erect siding. The Habitat experience is particularly rewarding because you get to work alongside seasoned volunteers and skilled construction workers as well as the families themselves, who work on site to build their own homes.

SVRG thanks the Habitat volunteers and coordinators for their hospitality during our day of labor. We look forward to returning in May!

SVRG KillaBytes defeat Valley Fever, 150-94!!

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The Silicon Valley Roller Girls' KillaBytes rocked the Fresno Convention Center with a decisive victory over Fresno's Valley Fever this Saturday, defeating the home team 150-94.

Referee Irish Gunslinger reported that watching such an exciting bout between two debut teams "gave me goosebumps." Seeing two brand spankin' new teams out on the rink was a thrilling experience for all involved. Secret Servix, skating in her first bout, said it was a memorable one because of the support of the skaters and fans--from both SVRG and Valley Fever.

Although roller derby is known for its camaraderie, this doesn't make the competition any less fierce, and the KillaBytes were in it to win it. Steffen Razor commended the KillaByte jammers' relentless efforts. She and Bitch Puddin' (cheering from the sidelines in her sling) recalled watching Double Easy skate into a tough pack and fighting ... Read More »