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SVRG Welcomes New Recruits

Posted on January 18th, by demonic in Recruitment. Comments Off

We’re back and better than ever! A new season means fresh faces.

The Silicon Valley Roller Girls are pleased to welcome three new staff members:

eViL JINius (formerly of Charlottesville Derby Dames)

Six skaters have been recruited to join the league starting in the 2012 season:

Culo Whippin'
Foo Bar
MonaStat (formerly of LA Derby Dolls)
Bullet Sucker (formerly of South County Derby Girls)
Asian Orange (formerly of Inland Empire Derby Divas)

After an 8-week bootcamp to learn the derby basics from coaches and seasoned skaters, recruits were tested on their WFTDA minimum skills. Those who passed were invited to try out for the league.

If you’re interested in becoming a rollergirl or official, shoot us an email ( to get invited to our spring 2012 bootcamp, and skate, skate, skate!

Roller Derby: How to Get Started

Posted on October 7th, by demonic in Recruitment, Roller Derby. 8 comments

If you are just now thinking about joining a roller derby team, we know that a particular cute movie and the resultant media attention have probably drawn you here. Hey, that’s fine—we are expecting you, and that’s why I’ve assembled this handy list. In my other life, we have to provide people who participate in certain activities with what is known as informed consent. That is, we have to make sure people know what they’re getting into. So, I hope this can serve as a brief guide to help you a) determine whether roller derby is the sport for you; and, if you’re in, b) how to get started.

1. Ask yourself: “Why do I really want to play roller derby?”

If your answer is in anyway related to, “It looks like a great way for me to burn calories, just like ... Read More »