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SVRG Team Jock Trounces Team Geek in Exhibition Bout, 84-23

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It was a toasty 96 degrees in San Jose on Sunday, and undoubtedly hotter than that on the sizzling sport court at Roosevelt Park, but the ladies of SVRG sweat it out in their crowd-pleasing exhibition bout this Sunday.

SVRG mixed up the KillaBytes and Dot.Kamikazes to create two teams, Team Jock (in black jerseys, for extra warmth of course) and Team Geek (in white jerseys). Geek Satan's Kitten and Jocks Bitch Puddin' and yours truly, Retox Fox, enjoyed our very first bout action. The Undie Taker was back on skates after recovering from a knee injury. The bout also represented Texas ChanaSaw Massacre's joyful return to the rink after recovering from a broken hand. With the booty hits she was doling out on the rink, though, you'd never know she'd been deprived of derby action for six weeks!

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SVRG KillaBytes defeat Valley Fever, 150-94!!

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The Silicon Valley Roller Girls' KillaBytes rocked the Fresno Convention Center with a decisive victory over Fresno's Valley Fever this Saturday, defeating the home team 150-94.

Referee Irish Gunslinger reported that watching such an exciting bout between two debut teams "gave me goosebumps." Seeing two brand spankin' new teams out on the rink was a thrilling experience for all involved. Secret Servix, skating in her first bout, said it was a memorable one because of the support of the skaters and fans--from both SVRG and Valley Fever.

Although roller derby is known for its camaraderie, this doesn't make the competition any less fierce, and the KillaBytes were in it to win it. Steffen Razor commended the KillaByte jammers' relentless efforts. She and Bitch Puddin' (cheering from the sidelines in her sling) recalled watching Double Easy skate into a tough pack and fighting ... Read More »