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SVRG volunteers at Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Posted on April 25th, by demonic in Community Service. Comments Off

SVRG spent Wednesday afternoon helping the YWCA out at the annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event in downtown San Jose. The event was designed to raise awareness about the incidence of rape and sexual assault by having male participants literally walk a mile in "her" shoes--that is, donated pairs of high heels.

SVRG was happy to contribute by directing traffic and offering encouragement to our walkers along their route. One of our SVRG referees, Texas Tea Bag, also participated in the walk, donning a nice pair of magenta wedges with bows for the occasion.

We were glad to be raising awareness for such an important issue; seeing men totter around perilously in heels was an added bonus. One participant, wincing as he wobbled along, said that the walk served as "an exercise in sympathy on so many levels."

Afterwards, several of ... Read More »

SVRG Dot.Kamikazes Deliver a Spring Beating to the Sac City Rollers, 97-84!!

Posted on April 13th, by demonic in SVRG Bouts. 2 comments

Saturday night the Silicon Valley Roller Girls' Dot.Kamikazes triumphed in a close battle with the Sac City Rollers, defeating the visiting team by a narrow margin, 97-84.

It was a successful night for SVRG's jammers, with several jams exceeding 7-point gains for the Dot.Kamikazes. While Sac City relied on a relatively steady rotation of the tough-as-nails Purdy Grrrl, an agile La Lucha, and the superspeedy Lil' Punk, SVRG had a deep bench of jammers. Smack Dahlia, Terribelle Demise, Smashleigh, and BootyVicious completed the majority of jams, with Pia Mess and Lizapalooza also toeing the line for a couple.

The game was neck and neck the entire night, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats as Sac City, then SVRG, then Sac, then SVRG would take the lead. Coaches Pandamonium and Left Turn Only continuously adapted their strategies to maximize the ... Read More »