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Mad Mess Momma

June Circuit Jerk of the Month: Mad Mess Momma

Posted on July 7th, by Phyllis Killer in Uncategorized. Comments Off

Congratulations to Mad Mess Momma for being CJ Skater of the Month!

Here are some fun facts about Mad Mess Momma:

What is your derby name and number and how did you decide on it?

Mad Mess Momma 6N9. I looked at my crazy life and thought of it as a mad mess and a big part of that was because of being a mom with kids that drive me crazy. The 6N9 are 2006 and 2009 - the years my daughters were born.
How long have you been with SVRG? How did you decide to play/find derby?

I've been with the CJ's for almost a year (I started in August 2013). Before that I was in Derby Lite (thanks Pia & Unleasha) for a session, but needed more derby than once a week.
Any previous skating experience before joining derby?

For many years I was a ... Read More »