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The Breeders' "Fate to Fatal" roller derby video!

Posted on May 10th, by demonic in Media, Roller Derby, Sister Leagues. Comments Off

As promised, here is the link to the Breeders' new video for "Fate to Fatal," featuring St. Louis's Arch Rival Roller Girls. It's treacherously cute and must have been a blast to shoot. Watching it is vicarious fun. Can I just say, though: leg whips are lame!

The Breeders make a roller derby-themed video

Posted on March 17th, by demonic in Media, Roller Derby. Comments Off

This is the awesomest news I've heard all week!

It seems that Kim and Kelley Deal of The Breeders have shot a new music video featuring the St. Louis Arch Rival Roller Girls roller derby team. Click here to read about it and see a brief making-of video. I promise to post a link to the vid as soon as it's up!

I confess that I heart the Breeders a lot. Of course, this may be an artifact of similarity breeding attraction: in high school I was nicknamed "Breeder Girl" not because of my propensity for teen pregnancy, but because at the time I was a dead ringer for Kim Deal. A friend of mine took her Breeders poster down in her room because she said she felt I was always watching her. Seriously, the picture above could have been my artsy ... Read More »