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Newton's Slaughter

Skater of the Month: Newton's Slaughter

Posted on July 17th, by demonic in Skater of the Month. 1 Comment

How did you find out about roller derby?

Friends of my friends wanted to start a league when I was a freshmen in college, and I thought it sounded cool but I was too afraid of getting hurt! Then, the summer I graduated, I had a lot of free time on my hands. I had seen fliers for the Glass City Rollers in my favorite Toledo bars, and just thought, 'What are you waiting for? You can be scared when you're DEAD!'

What kind of skating skills or athletic abilities did you have before starting derby?

I got picked on a lot in grade school gym class, so I've always been more interested in solo, non-competitive sports like running, weightlifting, and roller-blading. Maybe that's why I like jamming so much!

How did you derive your derby name?

Physics is my geeky guilty pleasure - and you can't ... Read More »