Port City

SVRG Dot.Kamikazes fall to Port City, 98-90

Posted on October 25th, by demonic in Roller Derby, SVRG Bouts. 1 Comment

The Dot.Kamikazes put up a good fight at Port City last night, but came up just a few points short of victory. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the bout and I didn't have an onsite reporter for details. Here's what I could glean from the post-bout chatter:

SVRG came into the bout with a bit of a disadvantage as the Dot.Kamikazes were down 2 of their jammers: Terribelle Demise was injured and Pia Mess had a last minute emergency. Thus, SVRG was without one of their strengths, a deep jammer bench. Given that the floor is particularly slippery, this meant an addtional challenge for the SVRG jammers, as they were also working hard all night to keep their speed while remaining upright. Port City demonstrated their hard hitting and solid jamming throughout the night, and the teams traded off advantage throughout the ... Read More »