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SVRG spends a productive evening at RAFT

Posted on June 11th, by demonic in Community Service, Silicon Valley Roller Girls. Comments Off

By Spankin' Firecracker

On Thursday, June 3rd, several members of the Silicon Valley Roller Girls volunteered at the Resource Area for Teachers in Sunnyvale. SVRG had a great time sorting school supplies. From wildly wacky children's stories to deliciously attractive stickers, the team had their hands full of fun. While some of the girls sorted books, others made sticker stacks, butterfly packets, and box patterns. It was a very productive evening! The sorted, processed, and packaged materials are shipped to the RAFT store, where products can be bought by teachers at extreme bargins. For example, a teacher can purchase 12-15 books for their classroom for only 25 cents--what a deal! Having helped out at RAFT several times, we are looking forward to the next opportunity.