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SVRG Helps Sacred Heart Pack-a-Back for Schoolkids

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Over the past two Fridays, the Silicon Valley Roller Girls helped 1,600 needy children get backpacks full of school supplies for the coming school year. MaulyAnna, Frida Khill*ya, Smack Dahlia, Avida Sane, Sasha Degrader, Donna Diggler, Zootown Throwdown, Lizapalooza, and Raci Nikkers spent time packing the backpacks full of paper, notebooks, markers, calculators, USB drives, and other grade-appropriate supplies. Belle Wringer, Retox Fox, and Latin Crippler helped direct traffic and assist children in choosing their backpacks. We were happy to see so many children get the supplies they need to start another year of learning!

SVRG assembles food care packages for the needy at Sacred Heart

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Some of our Silicon Valley Roller Girls, refs, and a derby widow helped sort and assemble food care packages for the needy at Sacred Heart Community Service on Saturday. Satan's Kitten, Mr. Kitten, Broken BabyDoll, Jonny Demonic, and Catherine Beata Bones joined other One Brick volunteers to help package over 1000 bags of food to be distributed in the San Jose area.

SVRG Does Part to Roller Over Injustice

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Writeup by Death by Dollface

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. - Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963

Conquering injustice was the prescribed theme of the La Mesa Verde service project at Sacred Heart Community Service Center (SHCS) project that ten Silicon Valley Roller Girls affiliates, including skaters Death by Dollface, Kimfectious, Smash 'n' Burn, Smack Dahlia, MaulyAnna, and Lucia  took on this 2010 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Sacred Heart's representative, Todd Madigan, used the above qutoe as his opening words. The center has been given many accolades in the local community for their newest venture to provide for the many families of the San Jose community including articles in the San Jose Mercury News and even the New York Times.

We began the day bright and early arriving at the SHCS downtown home base ... Read More »

Cleaning out your closet? Sacred Heart needs your help!

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Here is a message from our new Head of Community Service, Satan’s Kitten. Sacred Heart Community Service is one of the Silicon Valley Roller Girls’ community partners. We donated the proceeds from our last bout to them, and recently several of our girls worked as helpers and elves during their holiday toy drive and distribution. From Kitten:

I visited with Sacred Heart on Friday and they could really use some donations. Although there is a flood of giving around the holidays, things tend to slow down at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, need knows no season, and assistance is of particular importance during the winter months.  The center is in particular need of clothing and toiletries. C’mon, you know you resolved to clean out your closets and cabinets this year, and this is the perfect opportunity to see those items ... Read More »