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Teddy Wreckspin

Skater of the Month: Teddy Wreck-Spin

Posted on September 22nd, by demonic in Skater of the Month. 1 Comment

How did you get into roller derby?

I was originally asked to announce for SVRG. I saw how much fun everyone was having on skates so I decided to join in.

What kind of skating skills or athletic abilities did you have before starting derby?

I played a little bit of football and baseball when I was a kid. I rollerbladed when it was really cool. My whole family is very athletic, it was time I joined the party.

How did you derive your derby name?

“Teddy Ruxpin” was the creepy talking bear from the '80s. Someone else thought of it for me and I took it. I’m horrible at that sort of thing.

What is your primary ref job?

I love to jam ref. Front inside pack is also a favorite of mine. I love skating backwards.

What position would you choose to play if you played ... Read More »

Thank you for making the SVRG Red Cross blood drive a success!

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The Silicon Valley Roller Girls had a huge turnout at this past
Saturday’s Red Cross Blood Drive with 28 completed blood donations.
There were so many additional donors available that some walk-ins
weren’t able to be taken in and had to be booked for other blood
drives. Staff from the Red Cross said it was the biggest turnout the
donation bus had ever seen!

SVRG wants to thank everyone who participated in the event to help
save lives, especially our donors and staff who helped to keep the
event running smoothly.  Many SVRG skaters also gave blood, including
Mauly Anna, Belle Wringer, Tennessee Smitan, Avida Sane!, Jene’mesis,
Catherine Beata Bones, Aim De Kill, Scait Riot, Smack Dahlia,
Pandamonium, the injured Saucy Monstrosity, and referee Teddy Wreckspin.

SVRG is already planning a bigger event to allow us to host more
donors for next year. ... Read More »

SVRG is a win-win; Killas take down ACDG Rocket Queens 118-72 and Dots pummel Treasure Valley 208-68

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The luau-themed Freaky Tiki Throwdown was a fun-filled evening for fans and skaters alike. Victory was in the air at San Jose Skate on Saturday night as both Silicon Valley Roller Girls’ teams, the KillaBytes and the Dot.Kamikazes, racked up solid wins.

The KillaBytes were coming off an amazing performance (albeit, a loss) against the Denver Roller Dolls’ Bruising Altitude on June 12. They were curious as to what the Angel City Derby Girls’ Rocket Queens would be bringing, since the team has undergone a reboot (several retirements and lots of new blood) since they faced the Dot.Kamikazes last season. Given their younger roster, the team was matched against the KillaBytes this season instead. The KillaBytes were also excited to face the Rocket Queens since a former SVRG bootcamper, Blow Hole, had moved to southern California and was on the ACDG ... Read More »