Win, Lose, or Tie, SVRG ‘til We Die!

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On Saturday, June 23rd at San Jose Skate, SVRG hosted teams from Salt Lake City, Utah, and San Luis Obispo County for a double header that kept fans cheering for 4 hours of non-stop derby action. If you missed out, here’s a recap.

©2012 Mark Nockleby, Ali3 Kitt3n paws at Pia Mess

©2012 Mark Nockleby, Ali3 Kitt3n paws at Pia Mess

Dot.Kamikazes vs. Wasatch Midnight Terror

The girls from Salt Lake City used the successful tactic of getting lead and calling off the jam before SVRG had a chance to score. Wasatch secured lead jammer 4 times as often as the Dots, and the score inched up as Wasatch nickel-and-dimed their way while holding SVRG scoreless.

It was Lindsay Lohanded’s first game back from medical leave this season; and she made a fierce 2-woman wall with Catherine Beata Bones. However, the Dots served double the time that Wasatch spent in the box, and a halftime score of 132-35 didn’t bode well. For a play-by-play of the 2nd period, read the textcast on Derby News Network.

Throughout the game, Wasatch rotated 4 jammers—Ali3 Kitt3n, Harry Slaughter, Moon Raker (high-scorer with 91 points), and Skull Candi. SVRG named Ali3 Kitt3n as Wasatch’s MVP, and Wasatch chose SVRG’s Catherine Beata Bones for MVP in recognition of her amazing blocking skills. Pia Mess was the Dots' high-scoring jammer with a total of 36 points.

It’s midpoint in the season, and Wasatch Roller Derby’s Midnight Terror came from Utah to contend for seeding at the WFTDA Western Regional Playoffs. Wasatch’s defeat of SVRG (261-70) and Santa Cruz (158-69) during their West Coast tour gives them a shot at the playoffs between the top 10 teams in the region this fall. At the end of the 1st quarter, SVRG was ranked 12th, Wasatch was 15th, and Santa Cruz was 17th in the West. We’ll have to wait and see how these games affect the 2nd quarter standings.

©2012 Mark Nockleby, Asian Orange, Avida Sane, and Skirt Vonna-Gut contain 5 Cities Roller Kitties' jammer

©2012 Mark Nockleby, Asian Orange, Avida Sane, and Skirt Vonna-Gut contain 5 Cities Roller Kitties' jammer

KillaBytes vs. 5 Cities Roller Kitties

The catfight between San Luis Obispo County’s Kitties and the KillaBytes was one of many firsts. It was Evel Kniebreaker’s first time on a Killa’s roster, and Volcanic Ash’s first bout skating with SVRG after transferring from Sin City Rollergirls. It was the Killa’s first win by a landslide 250 points and the first time any SVRG jammer scored 33 points in a single jam.

The Killas showed strong defensive skills, holding the Kitties scoreless in 21 out of 33 total jams. By the end of the 1st period, the Killas had already secured a 139-point lead (174-35). During a Kitties’ power jam in the 2nd half, with only 2 Killas (Surge and Evel Kniebreaker) on the track, SVRG’s 2-woman wall was able to hold the Kitties’ jammer back for a while.

In the 12th jam of the 2nd period, the crowd witnessed a rare moment in derby when Juicy K. Tore passed the star to Skirt Vonna-Gut who caught a unicorn on a power jam and kept going to score a total of 33 points in a single jam! They were assisted by their fearsome pack—Jem Jones, Culo Whippin’, and Asian Orange—who took a knee on the jammer line for an immediate panty pass at the start.

S.S. BattelHips led the Kitties with most points, being accountable for 24 of the 68 total points scored during the bout. Almost all the Killas took turns jamming, and the high-scorers of the night were Skirt Vonna-Gut with 52 points and Evel Kniebreaker with 39 points. Mad 4 Gravy, Juicy K. Tore, and Avida Sane scored 33 points each. The final score was 318-68.

Thanks to Wasatch Midnight Terror and the 5 Cities Roller Kitties for two great games. We appreciate all our fans, medics, Dr. Mike Rogerson chiropractor, officials, coaches, and photographers (Donalee Eiri, Mike Ko, and Mark Nockleby) for volunteering their time and talents.

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